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Its essentially a document about the games I want to make but it goes indepth into unconventional game design ideas, namely immersive sims but on the scale of a complete universe. I think it contains useful and inspiring information as I’d like others to make similar games with their own style.

I’ve tried my best to illustrate it using AI to convey my meaning better and make the whole thing more visual so it would be exciting to read.

I’m essentially looking for support on Patreon where in return for subscriptions I would write game design articles without a paywall. I’d also release a bunch cool stuff like mods, Lego MOC mecha instructions, useful tools, recommendations and assets. This would bring me funding to work on these while being able to afford rent and food.

Background: I’m a long time modder and I used to work on Cortex Command if anyone remembers that indie game.

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