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ISG States that Generative AI will Unlock Fresh Opportunities for Enterprise Success, Innovation, and Efficiency

BrewDog, Nestlé, VW, Bayer, DB Dialog and more will explore the technology-as-business-enabler mindset at the ISG Digital Business Summit in Berlin

Generative AI will fundamentally change cross-functional business operations and open new avenues for creativity, productivity and reimagination once security, legal and ethical challenges are addressed, say ISG experts appearing at an upcoming industry event hosted by leading global technology research and advisory firm Information Services Group (ISG) .

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“Generative AI is not another automation fad”

Generative AI and other emerging technologies will be the focus of the ISG Digital Business Summit, October 25–26, at the Maritim ProArte Hotel Berlin. ISG experts will be joined at the event by leaders with BrewDog, Nestlé, Bayer, Volkswagen Financial Services, DB Dialog, DKV Mobility, Cachet and expondo to examine strategies for using technology to drive cost optimization, talent management, sustainability and cybersecurity.

Among the ISG speakers will be the authors of the recent 2023 ISG State of the Generative AI Market report which showed 85 percent of companies surveyed believe investments in generative AI within the next 24 months are important or critical.

“Most enterprises are paying close attention to generative AI and have a sense of urgency around leveraging the technology for competitive advantage,” said Andreas Fahr, partner and managing director of ISG DACH and host of the Berlin event. “Ensuring the enterprise framework is capable of supporting large-scale AI use is only one of the challenges of adopting GenAI. Enterprises with a technology-as-business-enabler mindset must navigate security, copyright data challenges, ethics and legal concerns and fine-tune enterprise-grade use cases.”

Fahr also noted sustainability is a key focus for many organizations as they struggle to meet looming deadlines, regulatory requirements and public demand. Businesses are working to establish analytics to measure and report on their sustainability goals and objectives.

In a keynote address, “The BrewDog Promise to Sustainability,” Adrian Klie, CEO of BrewDog Germany, the first certified carbon-negative brewery in the world, will share how BrewDog has prioritized ownership of its carbon footprint as a critical metric, delivered a positive impact on the planet and made sustainability a key competitive advantage.

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In another session, Gijsbert Dresens, head of Digital Consultancy Services, Nestlé, and Ghaith Sankari, head of global digital health data science for Bayer, will participate in a panel discussion, “Maximizing Value Through Digital Engineering,” to explore how organizations are leveraging data-driven digital engineering to introduce products into the market faster and keep innovation and customer value at the forefront.

The ISG State of the Generative AI Market report found the manufacturing sector accounted for 14 percent of generative AI use cases, with sourcing and supply chain management top concerns for most manufacturing-heavy organizations. Applying generative AI to improve forecasting methods is one of the most mature applications in this sector, along with hyperpersonalized product design, digital twins and product metadata generation from unstructured data, the report found.

In another panel discussion, “Employing Analytics and AI in a Continuously Changing World,” Sönke Iwersen, head of Data Intelligence and Analytics, DKV Mobility, and Hedi Mardisoo, CEO and co-founder, Cachet, will review how their enterprises utilize analytics and AI to improve customer centricity, operational excellence and decision-making, and enhance their product portfolio through new value streams and business models.

The ISG report said the most mature use cases for generative AI are in customer support, where organizations can infuse the technology into existing solutions or build internal ChatGPT-type tools to replace frequently asked questions (FAQ) and training tools.

During another panel discussion, “Using Technology to Create a Better Customer Experience,” Jakob Sprenger, product manager, Volkswagen Financial Services; Kamil Kalmonowicz, product owner, DB Dialog, and Philip Rooke, CEO of European professional equipment marketplace expondo, will outline strategies for ensuring robust oversight of the customer journey and using digital technologies to enhance the customer experience throughout the value chain.

“Generative AI is not another automation fad,” Fahr said. “Organizations need to imagine new possibilities for both routine tasks and transformative experiences for customers who expect digital, ethical and environmentally friendly delivery.”

In the ISG Startup Challenge, three enterprises will pitch their innovative solutions to a panel of judges before the audience votes on which technology they would implement in their own organizations. Yuval Moneta, founder and CEO, Mosaics Digital Technologies, will present a cloud-ready platform for core business and operations processes; Leif Döring, chief scientist, adago, will present scalable, AI-based solutions for decision and process automation, and Robin Spickers, co-founder and managing director, Carbmee, will present a solution for helping emissions-intensive industries gain visibility into and take action to reduce their emissions.

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