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Learn how Nvidia’s AI-powered update enhances gaming, video editing, and beyond

Earlier today, Nvidia announced a series of AI-infused updates for GeForce RTX and Nvidia RTX GPUs that use generative AI to improve performance in everything from LLMs (Large Language Models) to gaming thanks to VSR (Video Super Resolution). The shared video and images show transformative improvements in several ways, with AI language models producing far more accurate responses and video games with outstanding clarity and lifelike textures.

Generative AI is changing the PC landscape, and today’s update will reach over 100 million users, improving their experiences in many ways, with Nvidia noting that users will enjoy four times the performance they’ve grown accustomed to. Along with the update, Nvidia is releasing new tools to help developers accelerate LLMs. The TensorRT acceleration is also available for Stable diffusion in WEB UI and speeds up the performance by 2x.

Gamers and content creators rejoice

Maybe you’re not a prominent language developer and are just your average content creator or gamer. Today’s launch affects you positively, as it improves performance and image quality when using AI to improve video and images. You will enjoy accelerated rendering times, and with Stable Diffusion, imagine creating artwork that’s entirely AI-generated based on your input in a matter of minutes.

Thanks to the Tensor chips in your GPU, which are “designed to accelerate AI models through layer fusion, precision calibration, kernel auto-tuning and other capabilities that significantly boost inference efficiency and speed. This makes it indispensable for real-time applications and resource-intensive tasks,” you will see double the speeds and performance.

In layman’s terms, you’re going to enjoy speedier user interfaces, image generation, and video rending. Speeding up your workflow and giving time back to you, so you can ignore the rest of the world and edit more videos.

Super Video Resolution

Nvidia update uses AI to level up gaming, video editing and more — here's how

Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama
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