LG made a significant announcement at the first media day of CES 2024, shifting its focus from consumer electronics to a “Smart Life Solution” company. This involves a greater emphasis on AI integration for appliances, mobile devices, and EV software.

The presentation included several exciting announcements, such as a new processor for OLED TVs and a transparent-screen OLED. LG also introduced integrations with ThinQ-enabled appliances and devices, as well as nebulous “subscription services” for appliances. However, details on these subscription services were not provided.

LG also discussed the collection of user data to refine algorithms for a personalized experience and introduced the Smart Home AI Agent, a robot designed to act as an interface for the AI programming.

Furthermore, LG unveiled the Alpha 11 processor chip for OLED models and announced a partnership with Google to incorporate Chromecast into every TV released in 2024. The presentation also featured a demonstration of the transparent OLED TV.

Additionally, LG revealed plans for a modular design for the OLED T, intended for customization and integration with decor. The company closed the presentation with a glimpse into the future of electric vehicles and announced the opening of a production factory in Texas for EV charging stations and accessories.

Overall, while LG’s presentation had many stylish elements, it lacked substance in terms of specific details on the improvements brought by AI and the subscription services. The new Alpha 11 OLED processor chip and the transparent screen were highlights, and the announcement of EV charging stations felt like a step forward for EV utilization in the US. However, the decision to heavily focus on AI remains to be seen.


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