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The 2023 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey is now live, and is awaiting your responses.

HIMSS, parent company of Healthcare IT News, is seeking feedback from IT and information security leaders about their experiences with risk mitigation and data protection amid a complex risk-fraught threat landscape.

With the protection of sensitive information – and a new imperative for patient safety – now more pressing than ever crucial than ever, the insights gained from cybersecurity professionals via surveys such as these can help contribute to new strategies for securing healthcare data, and offer useful perspectives for peers in the industry.

For instance, the 2022 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey found staffing to be a top barrier to achieving robust healthcare cybersecurity programs – and that limited budgets, even in the face of increasing threats, have made progress on that challenge slow. Explore the report drawn from that poll.

The HIMSS survey has been a trusted source for the healthcare and technology professionals for 15 years – offering key insights into the needs and demands of a fast-changing cybersecurity landscape. 

“The annual HIMSS Healthcare Cybersecurity Survey offers a valuable opportunity to gain visibility into governance and oversight of cybersecurity programs across entities,” said Lee Kim, senior principal for cybersecurity and privacy at HIMSS, in a statement.

The report also represents a chance for healthcare security professionals to “see what organizations are experiencing with ransomware,” Kim noted, and offers insights to help health systems “understand what their baseline is compared to others on artificial intelligence.”

Take the survey here: 2023 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey.


Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama
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