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Chat GPT: My Go-To AI Tool for Content Creation


Today, I’m going to be answering the number one question I keep getting โ€“ out of all of these AI tools, which ones do you actually use most of the time? Well, to be honest, two-thirds of my time is spent with Chat GPT. In this article, I’ll be discussing my Chat GPT use cases for content creation and sharing some of the quickest wins and ways to get advanced results very fast.

How I Use Chat GPT

One of the biggest use cases for Chat GPT is idea generation. I often use the multi-shot prompting technique where I provide it with examples to generate new ideas. I also utilize the advanced data analytics feature to upload data and get further ideas related to the provided data. Another interesting use case is deploying multiple Chat GPT agents to interact with each other, which can be a great way for brainstorming and generating new ideas.

LinkedIn Content Enhancement with Capo

Capo is a tool powered by GPT-4 that helps maximize reach, engagement, and followers on LinkedIn. It analyzes content, understands audience behavior, and creates content on autopilot. With features like content creation, scheduling, and lead management, Capo is a valuable tool for professionals and brands looking to enhance their presence on LinkedIn.

Rewriting Text and Generating Drafts

Another way I use Chat GPT is for rewriting text or generating drafts. I let it create drafts in different voices and tones, which serves as inspiration for my own writing. By providing Chat GPT with some of my own information, I can get better results and fine-tune my writing with its assistance.

Visual Context with CBT Vision

Visual context can greatly enhance AI-generated content. By providing Chat GPT with visuals like screenshots, you can get more precise and context-rich recommendations. Tools like CBT Vision can analyze visual content and provide insights and suggestions for improvement.

Custom Instructions and Workflow Automation

I use custom instructions extensively to customize the outputs of AI tools like Chat GPT. By providing specific details and context, I can get more tailored results for my content creation needs. Additionally, I have set up workflow automation for tasks like generating video descriptions, titles, and thumbnails, making my content creation process more efficient.


In conclusion, Chat GPT and other AI tools have become invaluable resources for my content creation workflow. By leveraging their capabilities and customizing the inputs, I can enhance my productivity and creativity in generating content. Whether it’s idea generation, rewriting text, or enhancing visuals, AI tools like Chat GPT have revolutionized the way I approach content creation.

For more content creation use cases and tips, check out my other videos on AI tools for visual content creation. Thank you for reading!


  1. One of fave go to ai channel oh boy chat got with own customized gpts my head still spinning and now having started this channel time get on it itโ€™s an exciting time to be alive future is bright u were one of my first channels watched months back love it thank u appreciate u and look forward to ur collab with matt Wolfe ๐Ÿ˜œ love how u pointed out inspo n fine tune own writing is how I do thank you for what u do. Do u think prompting still going to be important when I feel like itโ€™s more laid back back natural language and although some context and own custom instruction def helps cant wait to see what ur use vases will be for gpts

  2. The AI agents sound really interesting. There are thing where they could really help. What I would probably use it most for: Scan information. New, Newletter, etc. to filter for the most interesting content ideas and collect information.

  3. Taplio pricing be like "Minimum $39/month, billed yearly. No monthly plan." Good luck to them. We should not normalise yearly-plans-only, never!

  4. Awesome video, very helpful. Tried to find it you have already done a video on Discord AI agents. If yes, let us know which one. If not, I think you should consider, and let us know when to expect it. Or can you already point us in the direction of someone who has done a good video on it. Thx, and keep up the good work.

  5. Everyone please share here your Taplio reviews if you have use it, I want to hear yโ€™all experience!

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