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Pokémon’s Newest AI Feature Proves Once And For All Who’s The Very Best


  • An AI tool called Pokémon Battle Scoop (PBS) has been developed for the classic Nintendo franchise.
  • The AI tool is designed to predict players’ next moves and provide information based on factors such as a Pokémon’s stats and battle conditions.
  • The addition of this AI tool aims to make battles more enjoyable for those unfamiliar with the gameplay by providing more information.



Pokémon games are getting AI (artificial intelligence) with a new update, and this may permanently affect how battles work for the upcoming future. Up until now, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company had not openly announced the usage of AI in its releases. This represents a major change to the companies’ approach to the games but seems to be limited to a specific gameplay mechanic that should not impact the majority of players for now.

According to a post about the Pokémon Ryuoh Battle 2024 tournament, also known as the Pokémon Dragon King Cup, on the official Japanese Pokémon website (via Google Translate), the livestream will feature the usage of an AI tool called Pokémon Battle Scoop (PBS). This tool was developed by HEROZ Inc., which creates computer shogi AI, in collaboration with The Pokémon Company. The post mentions that this new AI for Pokémon games, like Scarlet and Violet, utilizes the machine learning process that HEROZ has implemented in their shogi AI.


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According to the official website post, the Pokémon Battle Scoop AI tool will be used to calculate certain statistics during live Pokémon battles in the Ryuoh Battle 2024 tournament. The PBS is said to be able to predict the player’s next move and showcase what they are most likely going to do during their turn. This information is allegedly based on in-game details, such as the Pokémon’s types, stats, moves, and even weather and field conditions during battles.


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The image used to illustrate Pokémon Battle Scoop in the Pokémon Dragon King Cup shows the percentual chance of a player using a specific move and switching out their active Pokémon. The center block in the PBS also seems to indicate the chance of a player winning over the other. The addition of this AI tool to live battles in Pokémon games is said to be a way of allowing those who are not familiar with battles to enjoy them, by giving them more information.

PBS does not eliminate the presence of the tournament’s presenters and commentators.


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From the description, PBS seems to be similar to the tools used in chess matches, which calculate the probability of players using certain moves against their opponents and, based on that, the chances of one winning. For now, AI does not seem to affect the overall development and status of the games themselves, only the presentation of specific battles in livestreams. It is uncertain if the addition of the new AI tool for Pokémon games will affect future decisions for the franchise, such as the incorporation of AI in development.

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