Predicting the Future: 5 Mobile Trends to Watch for in 2024

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According to Chiara Xie/ZDNET, the fast pace of mobile technology means that what’s cutting-edge today could quickly become outdated tomorrow. However, taking a look at 2024 through the eyes of industry analysts, experts, and annual trends gives a more comprehensive view.

Here are five trends that are expected to dominate the headlines this year:

1. On-device AI in smartphones: Generative AI features will be integrated with smartphones, allowing for real-time, multi-language translation, summarization of voice memos, and improved camera capabilities.

2. Better and more affordable foldable devices: With major players entering the market, the accessibility of foldable phones is expected to increase.

3. Standardization of Qi2 wireless charging: Qi2 promises more efficient and faster wireless power delivery, bridging the gap between MagSafe-compatible devices and Android devices.

4. Periscope lenses in smartphone cameras: Smartphone manufacturers are focusing on creating cameras with better far-distance capabilities using periscope lenses.

5. Non-traditional mobile devices: a variety of new mobile devices are being designed that challenge conventional norms, such as the Rabbit R1 pocket device and the Humane AI Pin.


Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama
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