Bill Gates speaks on <a href='' title='Discover the Ultimate Guide for Mastering Google Gemini AI in 2024' >AI</a> agents, Sam Alman tells us what’s coming next, Elon Musk does something weird with xai, and more

Bill Gates speaks on AI agents, Sam Alman tells us what’s coming next, Elon Musk does something weird with xai, and more

AI is a key example inworld focuses on NPC’s non-playable characters in video games figures who populate generalized worlds but have to date largely run on limited scripts one thing that I really love about Ai and this whole thing is that a lot of these video game terms I…

Bill Gates on AI Agents

Bill Gates discusses how AI agents are about to completely change how we use computers. He believes that in the next five years, these agents will become much more commonplace and change how we work, play, and create software. Gates highlights how AI agents can improve healthcare, help with administrative tasks, reduce costs, and even assist with mental health. He also touches on the future of education, mentioning platforms like K Migo from KH Academy that use AI-powered tutoring to revolutionize learning.

Sam Alman’s Insights

Sam Alman shares insights on what’s coming next in the world of AI. People are requesting advancements such as AGI, better voice modes, higher rate limits, personalized experiences, and more. Alman and his team at OpenAI are working on delivering these requests and are excited about future projects that have not been mentioned yet.

Elon Musk’s XAI Company

Elon Musk’s AI company, X, has incorporated as a benefit corporation with a positive impact goal. This structure allows the company to prioritize societal benefits over shareholder obligations. Musk’s focus on using AI for positive change showcases the potential of AI technology to improve various aspects of society.

The Future of AI in Gaming

In the gaming industry, AI NPCs are not just a technological leap but also a paradigm shift for player engagement. InWorld AI, based in Mountain View, is pushing the boundaries of AI-driven NPCs to create living, breathing game worlds where characters evolve, adapt, and contribute to dynamic narratives. This advancement in AI technology is not only enhancing gaming experiences but also paving the way for creative player-driven storytelling.

Microsoft’s Plans for Generative AI

Microsoft has big plans for generative AI and gaming, as evidenced by their recent Xbox partnership with InWorld. By leveraging AI technology to create immersive game worlds and dynamic narratives, Microsoft aims to revolutionize the gaming industry. The intersection of gaming and AI is a fertile ground for innovation and growth, with potential applications beyond entertainment, including training AI agents and collecting data for research and science.

Overall, the rapid advancements in AI technology are reshaping various industries and offering new possibilities for creativity, engagement, and problem-solving. As pioneers like Bill Gates, Sam Alman, and Elon Musk continue to push the boundaries of AI innovation, we are on the brink of a new era where AI agents and technologies will transform how we live, work, and interact with the world around us.


  1. I disagree on your opinions on maybe 2% of of what you have said. Your videos are very informative and very well laid out and researched. I tend to come to your channel for the information on AI for of those reasons. However, your valid points on AI censorship dealing with woke information is very surprising. Woke, is a term taken from a culture of people where it means something very entirely different then what politicians are weaponizing it to be now and people are using it as if they know what the term means.

    With so many different models emerging, it seems as most professional companies and moral people will want to use models that do not include a lot of left or right, Nazi, racist or agenda-driven data for training or use in general.

    For those who do want that, there are other models that can be used that will be fully uncensored. However, the public will judge those businesses that use those models just as if they support all of those ideas, there is no way around that happening unfortunately. The same as the importance of leaving out bomb-making or virus making instructions out of a model.

    Just as you bought the issue up in your discussion, it will inevitably be used for unsavory purposes. companies and responsible people will choose to stay away from the uncensored models.

  2. Billionaires telling the work class they will have a better life by giving billionaires more power to replace said work class 🤦. Yeah sure, same as "trickle down" lol. I mean Wes thinks highly of Musk. Cant be more naive than that

  3. Interesting update. Thanks! I think the reason of "AI is good because it will give you more time to do something else" is misleading. Computers were supposed to make things easier for everybody and help us focus more on things we'd like to focus on. What actually happened is we're more glued to computers/screens than ever, and feels like I have less time available for everything else.

  4. Agree with most except one – "You will work fewer days a week" I've heard this since the 90s from the computer/Internet/ mobile boom. It only means less boring work.

  5. This is so huge not just for game improvement but data collection on a large population of ai agents. I saw an experiment of Pokémon yellow where they had gpt agents with thousands of saves. the agents were very unique over the course of the game. Some stopped to look at river while others stayed at pallet town. Majority did basic progression with various errors. With better auto generated RPG identities that can independently make choices story and side quests would become very engaging and would take games to the next level.this would also be good for the next generation of ai evaluation or even fine tuning. Possibly watching them mature in-game to check for any irregular behavior while also training for their future role

  6. On the topic of AI making the work week shorter, when is the last time corps willingly did anything to help their workers? If it's a shorter work week you can bet employees won't get the same pay. If AI makes it where utopian living is possible elites will ensure it is only for them simply because they love power and control.

  7. I prefer this tech in single player games like Skyrim myself. One exception Light No Fire. Everyone reading this write Hello Games requesting this feature in Light No Fire lol.

  8. Yeah, they will promise us the world, just, until they wrest control, and then see how fast we find we're obsolete.. That's my O2.

  9. We work the same hours since the damn Henry Ford made it so a century ago. We were supposed to have more free time with the industrial revolution. It's a mentality change that needs to happen so we work less.

  10. Those, who think people will work less are totally delusional about the ways capitalism works (or maybe just lying). Capitalism seeks profit (very often no matter the implications) and the only way to generate profit on a grand scale is exploitation (which is when people work for somebody and are not getting back all the worth they created with their efforts, essentially stealing).
    So, majority of people are going to work the same amount of time and probably will get less for it, because that "reserve labor army of unemployed" will grow and will push labor price down.

  11. Currently the huge problem with all the mainstream ai models(bard, Claude, gpt), is censorship and left leaning/woke responses. I'm doing research for school and cannot get any model to give me an answer for any statistics that involve gender, race, etc

  12. – Recognize the impact of AI on video games by observing Microsoft's partnership with inworld AI. (Starts at 0:11)

    – Consider the potential of AI NPCs to transform player engagement and game immersion. (Starts at 0:18)

    – Explore opportunities in AI-driven gaming worlds by looking into projects like AI Town and biomes Dogg. (Starts at 1:24)

    – Assess the benefits of AI in creating dynamic, player-driven narratives within games. (Starts at 4:11)

    – Leverage AI voice modes for brainstorming and sparking creativity in content creation. (Starts at 8:37)

    – Investigate the application of AI in education to potentially revolutionize learning methods. (Starts at 12:07)

    – Anticipate the broader implications of AI agents on productivity, entertainment, and the future of work. (Starts at 12:10)


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