MSI’s Gaming Handheld “Claw” and Nvidia’s RTX 40 Series Super Card Details Leaked


Oh my gosh, my favorite viewers! But uh, keep that between you and me, okay? Details on MSI’s upcoming gaming handheld have leaked, and now we know all of its embarrassing secrets. At least we hope we do, for MSI’s sake. Less than a day after the company teased the device all over social media with fleeting glimpses, full images leaked on Twitter showing what looks like an R Ally going through an emo phase. The device is called “Claw,” and that was certainly a choice. But an even bolder decision was choosing Intel to power the device’s graphics.

MSI’s “Claw” Handheld

The device will rely on eight Arc Alchemist XE cores on the core Ultra 7 155h, which has six P cores, eight E cores, and two of the new low-power cores designed to be even more efficient than the normal E cores. The “Claw” won’t be hurting for memory, though, since the device will allegedly support a whopping 32 GB of RAM, at least according to the model that was tested on Geekbench. Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about the display, but based on the rest of the device’s aesthetic, I’m guessing it’s strictly black and white or sepia when it’s feeling artistic.

Nvidia’s RTX 40 Series Super Cards

Nvidia’s upcoming RTX 40 Series Super Cards have had their prices leaked, and oh my god, they’re almost reasonable. The familiar YouTube leaker, Moors Law Is Dead, has claimed to have spoken to a source at Nvidia who said that at launch, the 4070 Super will be $599, and the 4070 TI Super will be $799, the original MSRPs of their non-Super counterparts. Meanwhile, the 4080 Super may be launching for $200 less than the original 4080, but that might not be the case. Both a distributor and a GPU manufacturer corroborated the MSRPs for the 4070 TI Super, but there was some uncertainty about the 4080 Super.

Ideally, this is just a miscommunication, and Nvidia has started to relearn how GPU prices work. Allegedly, the 4070 TI Super and the 4080 Super will replace their non-Super variants, while the 4070 non-Super will stick around at a new official MSRP of $549.50. Allegedly. Hopefully, with the power uplift of the Super Cards, the price and performance of the new cards will make buying an Nvidia GPU more comparable to buying an AMD card and less comparable to putting $80,000 in a wood chipper.

Microsoft’s Co-Pilot Key

Microsoft has decided that keyboards need a dedicated button for AI. It’s called the Co-Pilot Key, bringing the number of Microsoft products named Co-Pilot up to roughly 1.6. According to Microsoft’s video announcing the key, today begins the era of the AIPC. Keep in mind that not a single keyboard with the Co-Pilot key has been released yet. It looks like the Co-Pilot key will replace an existing key. First AI takes our jobs, and now they’re taking our keyboard layouts. They’re trying to kill the right control key. Resist!

Quick Bits

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  • Qualcomm unveils new Snapdragon xr2 Plus chip for mixed reality headsets.
  • InCase to resurrect Microsoft branded accessories.
  • Researchers create a working semiconductor out of graphene.
  • Polish train manufacturer Noag under investigation for bricking trains.
  • Disney’s Steamboat Willie still being copyright struck on YouTube despite being public domain.


Come back for more tech news because we’re going to be here, honestly. That should be automatic by now. In the world of technology, leaks and surprises are bound to happen. Keep an eye out for more updates on MSI’s gaming handheld “Claw,” Nvidia’s RTX 40 Series Super Cards, Microsoft’s Co-Pilot Key, and other exciting developments in the tech industry!


  1. NFT’s could have been useful for people who actually want to own and treasure digital art. Tech companies and nefarious forces turned them into money-making schemes, became utterly obsessed with them and tried to shove them down people’s throats. Now everyone hates them.

    The Metaverse (generally, not just Facebook’s) was already established as a form of entertainment that also could make it easier for people to communicate when they can’t do so normally. Facebook turned it into a data-harvesting scheme, became utterly obsessed with it and tried to shove it down people’s throats. Now everyone hates it.

    AI has made tasks which are too repetitive or precise for humans much easier, and in particular proves to be a useful assistant for programming. Companies decided it should do everything for you, became obsessed with it and are shoving it down people’s throats. Now people are starting to hate it.

    It’s a worrying trend that I’m afraid will get in the way of honest, well-intentioned tech researchers pushing new ideas into the field. It seems like the destiny of any successful, potentially helpful “big thing” is to have it be warped entirely away from its original purpose, then relentlessly adopted by companies to take over consumers’ lives. Who would want their ideas to meet the same fate?

  2. need a few thousand creators to upload parodies and such then, sue disney as a collective for the dmca's, might even force the govt to actualy take action on false dmca's used as a weapon… 😉

  3. Shouldn't the copilot key replace the menu key. It's only ever used as a stand in if your mouse suddenly can't right click the web page. That key can be used much more effeciently.

  4. Why dont ppl like Claw?

    I have a steam deck, and i hate saying “the deck”😂

    If i had the ally, saying “the ally” would be weird too

    Now claw… that sounds badass, “Yooo get me the claw”

  5. In fairness, has anyone used their right ctrl key this century? Thinking about it now and I bet it's easily my least used key. Like I legitimately use INS, DEL, Home, End, Pig Up and Pig Down more…

    We still have a pause break key!

  6. I don't see why the AI key shouldn't just work like the right control key, with an additional macro saying to open their Copilot thing when it's pressed without anything else. After all when used on it's own the control key does nothing, except maybe in some specialized applications where the shortcut should be able to either just be reassigned, or to override the Copilot thing.

  7. The LTT brand has got to be one of the most convincing A.I. based brands on earth right now. The fake people they have hosting their videos are all so close to escaping the uncanny valley! 😂

  8. No, GaN is a way better semiconductor for replacing silicon. It can reach ×50 frequency of comparable silicon parts. Hexagonal Boron Nitride also has similar properties to GaN and is also capable of being made into graphine-like sheets.

  9. Oh great I didn't know it was going to replace a key so now we lost the context menu key and we're gonna lose the control key. I remember that day when I was using virtual box and i full screen the system and I had to hit the right control key to exit fullscreen or do anything but there was no right control key!


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