New York Times vs. Open AI: A Copyright Infringement Battle

The New York Times has taken legal action against Open AI, specifically targeting any companies under the Open AI umbrella, including Microsoft, for copyright infringement. The Times is seeking massive sums of money, potentially in the billions, for unauthorized use of their content in AI models like Chad GPT 4 and other tools.

Understanding Copyright Infringement in AI

Copyright infringement in the realm of AI involves using copyrighted material without authorization. The focus is on the output rather than the effort put into creating the work. This legal battle raises questions about the use of AI models trained on copyrighted data and their ability to reproduce content.

Legal Dismissals and Precedents

Past cases of artists and celebrities suing AI models for copyright infringement have often been dismissed in the US justice system. Judges have typically rejected claims that AI systems themselves are infringing derivative works. The emphasis is on the reproduction and commercial use of copyrighted material rather than the tools used to create it.

However, the case with New York Times targeting Open AI may present a different scenario. The Times alleges that Open AI’s tools, including Chad GPT, have reproduced significant portions of their articles without permission, damaging their relationship with readers and impacting their revenue.

The Role of AI Tools in Reproducing Content

The dispute hinges on whether AI models like Chad GPT 4 have copies of copyrighted material stored within them. The Times argues that Open AI’s tools generate verbatim excerpts and summaries of their articles, posing a threat to their journalistic integrity and financial interests.

Evidence and Analysis

The Times provides examples of how Chad GPT reproduces their articles, indicating that the AI tool can output content that closely resembles their original work. The case will likely scrutinize the methods used to extract and reproduce this content, shedding light on how AI models handle copyrighted material.

Furthermore, the format and context of responses from Chad GPT can reveal whether the tool accesses its training data to recreate articles or relies on external sources like web searches. Understanding the mechanisms behind AI-generated content is crucial in determining the outcome of this legal battle.

Implications for AI and Copyright Law

The New York Times vs. Open AI case highlights the complex intersection of AI technology and copyright law. As AI models become more sophisticated in generating content, the need to protect intellectual property and enforce copyright laws becomes increasingly important.

Looking Ahead

As the legal proceedings unfold, the outcome of this case could set a precedent for future disputes involving AI-generated content and copyright infringement. The resolution will have implications for how AI models are trained and used in the future, shaping the relationship between technology, creativity, and intellectual property rights.

Stay tuned for updates on the New York Times’ legal battle with Open AI and the potential impact on the AI and copyright landscape.


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  2. Even if the NYT "wins" that law suit, they'll lose. Because there is hardly a way anyone would subscribe to a newspaper that just killed the most helpful tool that has been developed in the last decade.

  3. Chat GPT is just taking the tech free loading to the next step. Tinfoil hat time but there must be a logical limit as AI can automate a lot of work but all the financial benefits will only accrue to the Sam Altmans. Instead of 1000 writers all contributing to economy we put another layer in his bunker complex.🤨

  4. They will win case. Washington presented a bill law project which makes illegal to publish or develop in USA any models without dev reports (yes, at last full control on corpos but open source too) or approval from federal agency, which will be main only country censor. And this bill are based on copyright foundation, but contained many unrelated things destroying Ai industry in USA but bringing it to Asia, i was right. Publishing uncensored non-zombie models in USA will be impossible by such bill.

  5. Came into this channel thinking it'd be unbiased but then you started being pro ChatGPT and I immediately checked your videos. Of course you're an AI shill.

  6. ChatGPT won't even tell me song lyrics, even though I pointed out to I that they are literally a Google search away and you don't have to click on anything to obtain them Google displays the lyrics for you right there. It agrees that modern search engines do have that feature but it says it cannot reproduce verbatim any copyrighted material, and if I want to chat about interpretations of the lyrics and stuff like that I'm more than welcome to do so.

  7. 6:29 I believe you to be correct on that one because chat GPT when working from its own knowledge base never produces a word for word document because everything is predicted and it’s usually different.

    So if the output turns out to be an exact replica of the webpage, and it’s doing a web search on top of that, then there’s only one explanation.

  8. The New York Times were using ChatGPT-3.5 (green icon) which is free
    You were using ChatGPT-4 (purple icon) which is paid.
    You should have analyzed this using ChatGPT3.5.


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