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The EU Abandoned – Find out why on the latest update

**For Valentine’s Day I got you some tech news you could have at least got a card or something**

**The European Commission decides not to designate iMessage as a core platform service under the Digital Markets Act**

In a surprising move, the European Commission has decided not to designate iMessage as a core platform service under the Digital Markets Act. This means that Apple won’t be required to undergo increasing scrutiny and enact interoperability with other messaging services. This decision comes as a blow to those hoping for more regulation of tech giants like Apple.

The decision not to designate iMessage as a gatekeeper platform for the purpose of the law is indeed surprising. Apple has disclosed that there are 101 million iOS users in Europe, making iMessage a popular messaging service in the region. On the other hand, Microsoft’s Edge browser and Bing search engine were also passed over for similar designations. It seems that Microsoft still struggles to compete with the likes of Google and Apple in the tech market.

**Apple facing scrutiny for restrictions on web apps for EU iPhone users**

In addition to the decision on iMessage, Apple is facing scrutiny for purposefully restricting the functionality of web apps for EU iPhone users. In the past three consecutive beta versions of iOS 17.4, Apple has made these apps more inconvenient and clunky by eliminating the ability to open them from the homepage, as well as removing notifications and long-term local storage. This move has left many EU users frustrated with the limitations imposed by Apple.

Furthermore, despite Apple’s claims that the App Store and other services need to be locked down to keep users safe, a pirated movie app called Kimmy managed to slip through Apple’s review process and become the eighth most popular entertainment app on the App Store before it was finally removed. This incident raises questions about the effectiveness of Apple’s review process and its commitment to user safety.

**Open AI testing long-term memory feature for ChatGPT**

Open AI is currently testing a new feature for its ChatGPT AI that allows it to remember details from past conversations. This long-term memory feature is currently available to a limited number of users and test subjects. Users with access to this feature can also manage their memory panel to delete past information shared with the bot. While this feature is still in testing, it raises concerns about privacy and data security.

**Nvidia and Open AI clash over AI infrastructure costs**

Nvidia and Open AI, two leading companies in AI development, clashed publicly over the costs of AI infrastructure. Open AI’s founder, Sam Altman, claimed that his project to raise $7 trillion for a new AI chip development was necessary for the future of AI technology. However, Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Wong, disagreed with Altman’s assessment, stating that AI infrastructure costs would be significantly lower than what Altman claimed.

Wong argued for the importance of sovereign AI, where every country controls its own AI infrastructure. Nvidia has also launched a personalized chatbot demo that runs locally on a user’s PC and can answer questions about local files. This move by Nvidia further highlights the company’s commitment to developing AI technology for a variety of applications.

**Quick bits**

– Apple’s Vision Pro headset faces criticism from early adopters for its weight, comfort, and compatibility issues. Mark Zuckerberg takes a swipe at the Vision Pro, calling the Quest 3 a better product.
– Researchers from Apple develop a new AI tool called key framer that animates static images using text prompts. The tool is aimed at graphics professionals for testing animation ideas.
– Windows 24 H2 preview build will prevent older PCs from running Windows 11 due to a lack of the popcnt instruction required for newer processors.
– SpaceX performs controlled descents of Starlink satellites to prevent uncontrolled descents due to potential failures. The company also postpones the launch of a private moon lander due to temperature issues with its fuel.
– Burglars in Minnesota reportedly use Wi-Fi jammers to shut down home security systems and commit thefts. Experts advise using hardwired security systems to prevent such incidents.

In conclusion, the tech world is constantly evolving, with new developments and controversies shaping the industry. From regulatory decisions on messaging services to advancements in AI technology, there is never a dull moment in the world of tech news. As we continue to navigate the complexities of the digital age, it’s important to stay informed and aware of the latest trends and developments in the tech industry.

Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama, a lifelong enthusiast of Artificial Intelligence, has been exploring technology and the digital realm since childhood. Known for his creative thinking, he's dedicated to improving AI experiences for all, making him a respected figure in the field. His passion, curiosity, and creativity drive advancements in the AI world.


  1. 7:50 this is not good news at all, sometimes older hardware has it's place! I recently grabbed my old gaming PC out the spare room and turned it into a server. Sure, it might be bit overpowered, it's got a 970 in it, but some of the hardware I have in it is actually from the early 2010s and it still runs really well!

  2. iMessage is absolutely irrelevant in Europe, thats only used for SMS when somehow you need to send and receive SMS for like 2FA stuff or so or if WhatsApp is down 😂

  3. iMessage doesn't have the same cultural status as a gatekeeper service in Europe that it does in the United States (and I presume Canada). Over here it's WhatsApp that is the dominant service by far.

  4. I get that you can’t use the word bribe but you might want to mention the amount of times the EU has lined up regulatory legislation only to cave in at the last minute.
    Looks to me like someone got paid

  5. Edge is a fair browser really. Funny thing is a lot of the people that hate on it is stuck in 2014 or something, thinking they are "in the know" compared to their uncle and their grandma and other people that "use Edge, ew…" because they, use Chrome. While in reality they are stuck 10 years in the past and are themselves the ones that are ignorant

  6. Love your style of giving news with a mix of humor and jokes intelligently related. I use to listen to news on my car with android auto but unfortunately there is no video option, otherwise you would jump to the top of my list right away. I'm still going to investigate if there is an audio version that can be easily played when driving. Thank you for your intellectual status offering 😉 EDIT: just found you (TechLinked) in the Google assistant tech news options and subscribed and moved it to the top.

  7. Hehe Apple's too big, too powerful and most importantly too innovative to fail.

    God bless Apple and Steve Jobs and the culture of innovation he created. May we all see him in heaven.

  8. Zuck lied to everyone's faces about the Quest 3's passthrough. That's NOT what you will see through the passthrough, that's a weird hack they've done to capture the raw camera information. He is lying about his own product…

  9. I do have to wonder: what does Windows even need POPCNT for? About the only use I can think of for it is converting 1-bit audio to something more conventional at a lower sample-rate.


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