The Impact of AI-Assisted Code Development on the Complexity of IT Jobs

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According to Preeti Lobo, a practice director for business integration and automation at Apps Associates, artificial intelligence (AI) is not just a powerful productivity tool for developers, but it also has the potential to impact career aspirations. The rise of AI-assisted code development is creating opportunities for technology managers and IT professionals to take on more expansive roles within the business side.

Lobo explains that, with the ability to generate code in various languages and provide helpful recommendations, AI tools are changing the way technology professionals work. However, despite the potential for increased productivity from generative AI tools, there are concerns about whether these tools will make technology professionals’ jobs more complicated due to increased automation.

One concern is the security and quality assurance of AI-generated code. While AI can accelerate coding, there is a need for thorough analysis to identify and fix security vulnerabilities. Additionally, the ease of generating code through AI is raising concerns about code sprawl and technical debt.

The proliferation of AI-powered code generation is also leading to an emphasis on design thinking and personalization skills for developers. In addition to technical skills, technology professionals will need to take on new responsibilities related to ethical AI training, machine learning, and more

Overall, the increased use of AI-assisted code development is expected to change the roles and responsibilities of technology managers and professionals. It presents new opportunities for growth, but also the need for a broader skill set that includes a combination of technical and soft skills.


Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama
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