Just a week after the launch of Luma AI’s Dream Machine, another impressive AI model, OpenAI Sora, has been released by Runway. Runway’s latest AI video generator, the Gen-3 Alpha model, is said to be the most impressive one yet, with new photo-realistic capabilities and promises of real-world physics.

The demo videos demonstrate the versatility of Runway’s Gen-3 Alpha model, showcasing realistic human faces, drone shots, handheld camera simulations, and dreamy atmospheres. According to Runway, all these videos were generated using Gen-3 Alpha without any modifications.

Gen-3 Alpha is the first in a series of upcoming models trained on a new infrastructure designed for large-scale multimodal training. This new AI tool represents a significant advancement towards the goal of building General World Models, which could open up possibilities for gaming and more.

A ‘General World Model’ effectively simulates an environment, including its physics. For example, one of the sample videos shows reflections on a woman’s face as she gazes through a train window.

In addition to enhancing GIF creation, Runway is collaborating with leading entertainment and media organizations to create customized versions of Gen-3 Alpha for specific looks and styles for use in advertising, short films, and more.

When can you try it?

(Image credit: Runway)

Last week, Luma AI’s Dream Machine was introduced for free AI video generation, while Runway’s Gen-3 Alpha model is more focused on professional video creators. This new model, developed in collaboration with video creators, will soon be available to everyone. You can create a free account to try Runways’s AI tools, but a monthly subscription fee (starting from $12 per month) is required for additional credits.

You can create videos using text prompts, like the example above created with the prompt “a middle-aged sad bald man becomes happy as a wig of curly hair and sunglasses fall suddenly on his head,” or start with still images or videos. Runway assures that the model will come with new safeguards against misuse, including a visual moderation system and C2PA (Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity) standards.

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