15 GPTs to Try from the GPT Store

Well, it’s been about a week since the GPT store came out

Exploring the World of GPTs

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Since the launch of the GPT store, I have been diving into the world of GPTs and exploring the various tools available. While some GPTs offer similar functionalities, I have come across a handful that are genuinely useful and innovative.

If you’re wondering where to find these GPTs, you can access them by visiting chat.openai.com/gpts. Please note that you need to be a chat GPT plus subscriber to access these tools.

Here are 15 GPTs that I have discovered and found to be quite impressive:

  1. Video Summarizer AI
  2. Video AI by Nvidia
  3. Designer GPT
  4. Remoir
  5. Canva GPT
  6. Sticker Wiz
  7. Gemir
  8. Consensus
  9. Scholar GPT
  10. AI GPT
  11. Finance Wizard
  12. The Negotiator
  13. FAQ Generator AI
  14. Playlist AI
  15. Convert Anything

Each of these GPTs offers unique functionalities, from video creation to research assistance and even recipe suggestions based on the contents of your fridge. The possibilities are truly endless with these tools.

As the GPT store continues to evolve, I am excited to see the new innovations and opportunities that will arise in the world of AI tools. The potential for creativity and productivity using GPTs is truly remarkable.

Thank you for taking the time to explore these 15 GPTs with me. I hope you find them as useful and intriguing as I have. Stay tuned for more updates and insights into the world of AI and GPTs.


  1. The Convert Anything is HUGE! This will save so much time and reduce the risks for downloading free programs from the web to convert files (especially video)

  2. Regarding suggesting recipes: ChatGPT always suggests some dishes with even missing ingredients. Even if I give a list of ingredients and tell it to provide recipes with only these ingredients, it can still suggest a recipe that contains an ingredient you did not provide. It is by design 🙂

  3. Another great informative video Matt! I was unaware of these GPT's in the GPT store. Thank you for your continued great work. Be Elite Today People!

  4. I can't believe what I see. Custom GPTs are total bulshit. They are always described like "experts" with unbelievable skills and then total disapointment. I get only crappy results. With a few prompts I get much better result than any custom GPT I tried. It is like dressing a person with differnt uniforms and thinking that this will change his skills.

  5. The negotiator sounds really interesting. I kind of wish every politician took it, so that way they could at least compromise on things instead of having it all or nothing.

  6. Oooh
    Software companies have figured out you can use GPTs to send a prompt to software that already existed.
    I am still completely underwhelmed by GPTs

  7. OpenAI has gpt creators PAYING to play, most without any monetary return. Then users have to pay to play as well. Can't imagine this will be a sustainable model.

  8. I've tried making a couple gpts and have noticed that it has a very short memory. It's a bit odd, basically if I have a back and forth with chatgpt to say do x, then y, then z in separate commands, it will understand. But if I build a gpt that says do x, y then z, it will forget y or z. Very frustrating — why have a certain character limit for instructions if it can't remember everything within that limit??

  9. GPTs store popular recommendations:
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    2. GPT "TOP NEWS | 新闻头条”, According to your needs, it is so convenient to grasp the real-time headlines and hot events around the world!


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