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There seems to be a storm of breu in the AI world

If you remember, it was March of 2023 that some of the biggest AI announcements that just totally broke everybody’s brains happened. In March of last year, this video is coming out on the first day of March of 2024 and I think we’re in for another wild ride this month. So let’s get into all of the interesting and exciting things that happened in the world of AI this week. This video is sponsored by LTX Studio, a really awesome new AI generation platform and I’ll tell you more about that in just a few minutes here.

Huge Progress in AI Video

This week saw some huge progress in the world of AI video. I don’t really want to dive too deep into all of the announcements that came out in the world of AI video because I did make another video this week. You can find it on my channel. It was called “I was wrong about AI video.” That video specifically breaks down all of the really exciting AI video generation announcements that we had this week.

Sora Video Generation

For those of you that just want the tippy top of the iceberg and a simple recap of what we saw this week, we got even more video examples from Sora and what it’s capable of. Sora is still managing to blow people’s minds, but for the most part, people just want to get their hands on it. P Labs also got an update to their video generation model this week, allowing us to add lip syncing to our videos.

Runway and Alibaba Group

Runway also got some minor updates to their platform. We’ve got a new UI and some new features that allow for more control over animation. Alibaba Group also released some exciting research called emo emote portrait alive, which generates expressive portrait videos with audio-to-video diffusion model under weak conditions.

Google DeepMind’s Genie

Google DeepMind also introduced Genie, an AI that can generate platformer games from video footage. This advancement shows the potential for AI in creating interactive gaming experiences without human intervention.

Adobe’s Project Music gen AI Control

Adobe unveiled Project Music gen AI Control, a platform that can generate audio from text descriptions. This could revolutionize the music industry and provide new tools for content creators.

AI in Art and Finance

Idiogram 1.0 was released with significant improvements in AI-generated art, showcasing advancements in realism and text integration. Microsoft introduced Co-Pilot for Finance, leveraging AI to assist financial analysts in various tasks. Additionally, Stack Overflow is working with Google to provide training data for Gemini cloud, showcasing the collaborative efforts in the AI space.

Apple’s Shift to Generative AI

Apple announced its shift away from the Apple Car project towards generative AI initiatives. This move signifies the company’s focus on advancing AI technologies and integrating them into various products and services.

Implications of AI in Job Displacement

The CEO of Clara mentioned using AI to perform the work of 700 people, raising concerns about job displacement due to AI advancements. This highlights the ongoing conversation around the impact of AI on the workforce and society as a whole.

Transparent Laptop Display

Lenovo’s transparent laptop display has garnered attention for its futuristic design, but questions remain about its practical use case. The technology showcases innovation in display technology, but its utility in everyday use is still unclear.

Overall, the AI landscape is evolving rapidly, with new advancements, partnerships, and challenges emerging each week. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the world of AI.

Thank you for reading this AI news roundup for March 2024. Stay tuned for more updates!


  1. The laptop with tranparent monitor, is good for client talks and display of products in a dual conversation, and easy to handle since it is a laptop, and also for maybe 3D with deep range, like if it was an object floating, I guess. But yeah looks amazing, but not many use cases…

  2. A use case for a clear laptop screen. Use as a nightlight displaying a birdcage, aquarium, fireplace, small waterfall in a stream etc. Another practicality will be parental control.

  3. That EMO looks amazing but it says on the site for education purpose only or something like that, hopefully it will be something they release for the public or someone swoop in and buy it up because nothing else comes close to that lipsync

  4. Subscribed for nvidia. Not sure if/how it counts the referral.

    Everything is going super fast now. Still glad I studied AI at university even if it was a while ago. You keep me up to speed! And help decide for my role as CTO how to keep the whole gang updated, including other colleagues and customers. Also cheers for mentioning other channels. Refreshing when creators do that 💪👍

  5. The only use case for the transparent laptop I can think of is two people watching the same move while laying opposite from each other .. Like.. wth. But yeah totally nice to show that the tech is here. I doubt Lenovo would plan to sell much and it's more likely a flex to show they're able to tbe the first to market.

  6. 0:00: 🌪️ AI advancements in March 2023 were groundbreaking. March 2024 promises another exciting month in the AI world.
    3:56: 🤖 Revolutionary AI video generation platform LTX Studio creates full videos with AI from a single prompt.
    7:06: 🎮 Cutting-edge AI technology creates playable video games from images, showcasing rapid advancement potential.
    10:22: ⚙️ AI image generation software successfully creates realistic and cartoon-style images, with some minor spelling errors.
    13:49: ⚡ Microsoft's strategic partnerships in the AI space position them to thrive in various AI scenarios.
    17:25: ⚙️ Challenges faced by tech platforms like Stack Overflow and potential solutions in the AI era.
    21:00: 🌪️ Exciting updates in AI field, anticipating upcoming developments and discoveries.

    Timestamps by Tammy AI

  7. The AI game generator at 6:34 could be a lot of fun for small world-building communities, like having fun with a science fiction concept. You could quickly design a world/universe and dump it into a game environment.

    It can be used to play inside your world without the months or years of development work to make an online RPG, or you can use the “game” to test concepts of your magic system or fictional world map.

    I think of it as something for small communities to make a focused minigame at first rather than a mass market game, since if the AI hallucinates and makes up something really silly, your little group just laughs and adjusts it. If you release the AI generated game to the masses, we know it will be hacked into generating obscene content in less than 5 seconds just like every MMORPG that has player-built housing.

  8. transparent screen could be used with AI. The computer could scan the room behind it and Ai could transform the look of your room as you look through the screen. You could play a game with characters on your table or make it look like you had gone to a cool concert that was happening in your own home.


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