Google DeepMind Unveils Genie: The AI that Creates Video Games from Images

The Future of Video Game Creation

Google DeepMind’s artificial intelligence teams have unveiled Genie, a brand-new AI model capable of generating small platform video games from computer-generated images, photographs, and even simple sketches. In fact, a single image can be used to create a small video game with Genie, without any programming knowledge whatsoever.

The AI analyses the image and extracts information such as the visual style, game genre, mood, and scenery elements. Genie then automatically generates a complete, playable platform game based on the image provided.

Revolutionizing Game Development

This template can be used to generate an infinite variety of virtual worlds, simply from text and images of any quality. As for the animation of the various characters, it is directly inspired by the characteristics of classic platform-based video games.

Genie is based on a machine learning system. The model has been trained on over 200,000 hours of 2D platform games available on the Internet, including millions of images and game sequences. This means it can now generate coherent animations, with convincing characters, environments, and obstacles.

The Democratization of Video Game Creation

The idea behind Genie is to democratize and personalize the creation of video games. For the moment, however, Genie is not yet available to the public. This AI model is still in a phase of development and improvement at Google DeepMind.

Discover Genie’s possibilities here. – AFP Relaxnews

With the advancement of artificial intelligence, the possibilities for the future of video game development are endless. Genie represents a significant step forward in making game creation more accessible and personalized for individuals without programming expertise.

Overall, Genie has the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry by enabling anyone to bring their ideas to life in the form of a video game. While still in development, the capabilities of this AI model are promising and could pave the way for a new era of creative game design. Stay tuned for updates on Genie and its impact on the world of video games.


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