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Amazon offers AI-powered image creation tools for businesses

Amazon has entered the AI image generation market by introducing its own platform, specifically tailored for businesses.

During its AWS re:Invent 2023 event, the company unveiled Amazon Titan Image Generator, joining other providers like Google, Adobe, and OpenAI in offering a tool to create “studio-quality, realistic images or enhance existing images using natural language prompts.”

As part of the Amazon Titan family of AI generation tools, Image Generator can be trained on company-specific data, learning the exact design requirements of a business, reducing lengthy development times.

Amazon AI image generator

During his keynote at AWS re:Invent 2023, Swami Sivasubramanian, VP for data and machine learning services at AWS, highlighted the potential usefulness of the launch for marketing or advertising campaigns, allowing for a range of image options to be created and evaluated before making a final choice.

In a live demonstration, Sivasubramanian showcased how the tool could swap out image backgrounds and orientations using natural language prompts, suitable for lifestyle images, marketing, and advertising designers seeking diverse options.

AWS states that Titan Image Generator was trained on a broad range of data sets across multiple domains, and can also be customized with specific data sets, while incorporating built-in measures to address toxicity and bias.

To address concerns about copyright violations, Sivasubramanian mentioned that all AI-generated images come with an invisible watermark as a default, potentially reducing misinformation and tampering.

Amazon Titan Image Generator is currently available for preview to AWS customers on Amazon Bedrock.

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