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“Get ready, Rabbit: Apple’s new product is taking over” #Apple #Rabbit #technews

and computer stuff and maybe even a little bit of AI who knows the possibilities are endless See you then.



  1. As a former Amazon sort center FC Associate I employee, I can confirm that during two separate days (back-to-back) I was approached by two different managers on why I had 15 minutes of TOT (Time Off Task). I told them bluntly that I was "taking a shit", and they never asked again.

    I was employed there from June 2018, until my resignation in March 2023.

  2. Govs spends millions to 10s of millions of dollars a day on training for fighter jets and want to stick a bill that is pocket change to them on to a citizen which is more than he makes probably over 5 years for something that was a stupid joke that he thought was private and should have been private.

  3. with the inflatable space station is it more vulnerable to space debri or does it matter if metal or a blow up? small debri is traveling really fast

  4. If I was to be living in an inflatable bubble in space, I'd be less concerned about the thing's resistance to internal pressure and more about its resistance to, oh, I don't know, sharp things moving at orbital speeds maybe.

  5. Okay $100M because the Spanish military sent a fighter jet to …. Do what again? Was it supposed to shoot just the bomber out of a loaded passenger jet? Was it supposed to report back "Hey, yeah plane done been blowed up. I'm going home." What the fuck wad the point of sending a fighter jet to that situation. Spain just wanted to get their pilot and crew some seat time. Now they want a joker to pay for it.


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