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Can you rely on Scott? Find out the truth here!

I apologize that was the old me but it’s been brought to my attention that a certain Man by the name of Scott Christian Sava has been talking about me so I’m gonna try to find that video today but before we do I want to show You guys who this man is, let’s see if he has good art tips for us. Just before we move on I want to thank today’s video sponsor native. Do you feel stinky like me? This is the perfect product for you! Native actually sent me these deodorants to try out for the past couple of weeks and they’ve been fantastic. I’m currently using the aluminum-free green tea one and it smells oh these are absolutely amazing and what’s even more amazing is that Native offers plastic-free packaging. The plastic-free deodorant now comes in a new and improved package and is Earth-friendly and 100% plastic-free. Native is committed to sourcing the paper that they use for these packages from responsibly managed forests so these are great not sticky and feels dry while applying native deodorants are aluminum-free, paraben-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. They use familiar and simple ingredients such as coconut oil and Shea Butter, 72-hour odor protection, great all-day wear even after exercise.

So the scents that I got are lavender and Rose which smells like a flower garden, aloe and green tea which is super refreshing, and coconut and vanilla. This one’s gonna be my absolute favorite because it’s just so oh, it smells like candy. But if you’re interested in a scent that I don’t have there’s a wide range of choices that native provides and they’re always releasing new limited edition and sensitive sense. Use my Lincoln code Sam desartes to get 20 off your first Purchase at Native this offer is available site-wide but only for a limited time so stock up and save thank you native for sponsoring this video and helping me and my subscribers not be stinky anymore.

Moving on to our 11-year-old rescue Arwin, we adopted her from a shelter when she was just eight months old. From that day forward she came like a queen in the bed with us she loved her walks. Oh my God rest in peace, all right let’s try that again is so unpredictable emotionally. I found a video from four years ago. I was working on a logic wash painting and I was at this point where nothing was going right. In the video, I’m so sad because I kept going over the background over and over and nothing worked, nothing looked great so far.

What do you mean nothing’s working what you’re doing a great job just trust the process. This happens to artists a lot like 90% of the time you just hit a wall and you’re just done, you’re the worst artist ever but at some point something clicked and I finished it. This is Art not my painting the process the turmoil the self-doubt, The Imposter syndrome this is what art is it’s an emotional roller coaster that you question every day while you’re even doing this but sometimes just sometimes it all comes together and you make a piece of art that you know doesn’t suck so bad and that kind of makes it all worth it right please tell me it’s going to get easier one day.

We tend to have this idea that artists who are really well known who post their work online all the time are all like Geniuses and they never miss with their work but that’s just not true no matter what stage we’re at in our art careers there’s always things that we’re not happy with and it doesn’t stop I guess it’s not going to get easier we’re going to anteater you can see you can see Andre The tamandua at the wild work animal show where he’s that’s a nice car my God clearly this.

Or sometimes just walking with his keeper camp where he loves to say hi to everyone, Andre was so friendly and really inquisitive look at that Snoop Tomatoes diets consist of termites and ants though they will not say no to you we had so much fun hanging out with Andre the tamandua the next time you’re in Nashville come and say hi and bring some extra yogurt. I love these Sketchbook drawings there’s something so very authentic about them that’s so cool how do you get the privilege to interact with these animals I would love to do that it’s music Monday and I thought I’d draw Taylor Swift because well you all asked me to so don’t blame me okay I thought I’d try a new style today I wanted to try something more caricature less realistic so I started filling up the blank space in my Sketchbook with something a bit more cartoony. Do you ever feel like your art is stale well I know that feeling all too well and today I just couldn’t shake it off so I tried to make something that was a little outside of my comfort zone but I think instead it looked like a caricature you’d get at Disneyland in frustration.

I decided to go back to my old art I hate that my art is just copying a photo and I want to add something more than just drawing I see I want my style to be unique in some way but it’s not it’s just boring and this is how my brain works always feeling like my art is worthless and I guess as that’s true this is why we can’t that is not true we gotta be nice to ourselves all right you are your own biggest critic Scott you’re your own biggest critic we all suffer from imposter syndrome that’s true sorry I’m still figuring it out you’re on your own kid but I hope that knowing that other artists feel the same way too you’ll persist you’ll keep making art because when it comes to feeling like the worst artist ever I promise you it’s me hi I’m the problem it’s me I see I love these videos because Scott is basically a person who has more experience more years in his life than I do, and he’s still experiencing the same things that I experience now it’s great it just shows you that some of these things never go away actually now that I think about it I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not it’s very relatable we all feel this way we all have imposter syndrome sometimes I’m making these videos I’m giving you advice and I’m just like the little voice in my head is like dude who the hell are you and then I’m like oh maybe I am nobody maybe I should shut up but Scott if you want to get out of your comfort zone entirely and try something that’s completely different from drawing from photographs you can try to study the works of artists who are very very stylized and this goes for everyone out there who wants to break free from a little bit more realistic proportions just study the proportions of artists who draw in more stylized manners you can trace over the work follow their lines or just do some simple studies it’ll help you a lot opens your mind ears are just weird looking okay they’re just kind of weird I don’t know how many times I draw them they always look alien to me but weird or not they are kind of fun to draw once you get the basic shapes down being one being this rounded piece on top it’s kind of like a little umbrella or awning folding over the inner part of the ear it’s going to create a shadow so that’s really what I want you to focus on is where you’re going to see the Shadows so here’s the three spots with the most contrast these are the main things to focus on the hole where the ear canal is the upper part we just spoke about and the bottom of the Earlobe other than that I just kind of focus on those three parts and then fill the rest of the ear with some lines and shade it in it’s not very scientific but you all did ask me how I draw ears and this is it it’s not very scientific but I think that’s great it’s a very simplified version of the year right it’s a stylized and simplified version it’s got great shape language I don’t see anything wrong with that you don’t need to know all the anatomical parts to draw something well because I don’t have you ever drawn an eye that you like so much you decide you need to draw the second eye to match it but then you go to draw the second eye and it starts out okay until you realize you just drew Sloth from The Goonies okay so obviously the best thing to do is to prepare for both eyes before you draw them of course when we’re doodling we usually don’t plan these things out so let’s say you drew an eye without planning it out what can you do I would get a piece of tracing paper trace your lines only you don’t need the shading we just want the shapes then flip over the tracing paper rub a little graphite pencil over it and then use the ballpoint pen to transfer the graphite onto the paper now you have an identical second eye as always I highly recommend planning ahead first but if you don’t try the tracing technique remember tracing isn’t cheating it’s just a tool artists use to save us in our time of need that’s an interesting technique I guess it focuses more on traditional artists because I have somebody doing digital or decided to just flip their eye and mirror it it looks super awkward because with digital Obviously you’re going to get a one-to-one copy but with traditional I guess you still have to draw the overall shape you don’t get a direct copy of it so that’s good but like he said plan ahead if you want to draw two eyes do them at the same time never take one eye from start to finish and then move on to the next don’t do that that’s like weird like that’s like you go to a burger place and you get you get a burger and you get some fries and you finish the fries first and then you eat the whole Burger are you it’s like Psychopathic you know I I literally know a guy who does that when it comes to eyes is more eyes since the eyes is here I always start with that then overlap the eye with the skin above it the upper and lower eyelid now you can see the shape of the eye underneath the skin and how it affects the light and shadows around it and always remember the eyelid will cast a shadow on the eye as well now for a side view you’re still going to start with a sphere the lashes are more prominent here and you can see how the eyelid follows the shape of the eye much clearer here once you’ve got that Master the placement of the eyelids then gives you your Expressions when the eyelids don’t touch the iris you get a shocked or startled look and when the eyelids cover most of the eye you get a sneaky or cynical or just plain tired look and not all eyes look the same Eastern Asian eyes have a wonderful almond shape and an epicantha fold that has no distinct eyelid crease oh another tip when drawing eyelashes don’t try to draw each individual eyelashes just make a shape keep it simple another great thing to practice is lighting the eye is a sphere light will hit one side and Shadow on the other side on the iris the center colored part remember that if the Highlight hits one side of the iris shaded darker around that highlight but the opposite side of the Iris will be a bit lighter I hope this helps and remember no tip or trick or hack will improve your art more than practice yeah oh yes that’s so good what the this is a great way to think about it just remember your eyeball is a ball it’s called an eyeball for a reason it’s not an eye rectangle it’s not an eye trapezoid it’s an eyeball stop putting eyeballs into squares but yeah this is fantastic that’s a fantastic video do you want you want to draw good eyes this is it and here’s the Mainevent guys oh just draw have fun and he does it really really well thank you Sam thought it would be to do a challenge I decided we’re gonna draw without using undo I thought it would be fun to join in problem is I don’t have an undo butt so I made one I really like the idea of a No undo button challenge especially for those of you who do digital art like Sam I think a lot of creativity is lost when you’re not stuck with a mistake I think as artists we lose something when we remove the imperfections we lose the spontaneity and the humanity in our art art should be experimental it should be chaotic it should be anything but perfect I’ve seen artists draw a line Undo It draw again Undo It draw again and do that over and over until it’s perfect and that’s got to be so stressful trying to make every stroke perfect there’s no such thing as perfect in art learn to live with the imperfections learn to live with the mistakes you never know what they may take your art that’s crazy Scott just look at the separation of the planes of the face the rim lighting how it highlights this shape on the side of my face see the horizontal highlights on the hair following the direction of the hair he even got the freckles my freckles oh this is Sam oh my goodness that is fantastic thank you Scott for doing this beautiful beautiful portrait and for the amazing advice that you’re giving to these art babies listen Scott I see the same thing all the time especially with the art babies there’s too much focus on Perfection like you put it on a line you’re like oh it’s a little bit crooked undo a little bit crooked undo a little Bit crooked undo sometimes hey leave that crooked line in there leave that Mark in there that doesn’t look like it’s supposed to be there just make it work in the context this is why if you look at a lot of my paintings even though they are digital and we have all the tools at our disposal to make our paintings perfect I still leave a lot of impressionistic marks I like to draw fast it’s because I know what it’s like to have a perfectionist mindset way back in the day when I was an art baby if something was just slightly slightly off I would spend hours tweaking it and it was so detrimental to my growth in my learning so now I’m basically doing all I can to try to avoid that I paint fast I leave loose brush Strokes I leave my sketch lines in all of my paintings it’s loose it’s unrefined but there’s there’s a certain type of magic to that I think thank you for doing this Scott Scott’s got 1.6 million subscribers and I actually just found him recently because I guess I was kind of stuck in this digital art bubble and I just didn’t explore traditional artists so if you’re like me and you want some you want some positivity in your life go check out his channel so you guys know the deal uh here’s Scott we’re gonna do a portrait of Scott because Scott is just the kindest person Scott deserves the world we should all aspire to be like Scott to Be kind to be nice to see things in a more positive light do not be like cooling or those people on tick tock who call themselves Daddy and say they’re going to impress all right through the magic of editing and removing all of my hardships and struggles here’s God you look he looks great this is not realistic Scott this is stylized Scott this would be like Scott if he was like a Disney princess or something so we’re gonna set our sketch layer now to multiply and underneath our multiply layer we’re gonna start a new one this is gonna be the color Not for a character before a background got you good eh so the reason that I like to do backgrounds first is because they give me a lot of context for the lighting in this environment For this background though we’re going to keep it relatively simple so I’m just going to add in some random details for the foliage here and then we’re going to blur the entire background reason being I just I’m lazy okay I’m I look can you believe me listen Scott you deserve the world but drawing a full detailed background is it’s a bit too much to ask all right there we go now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go go go Gaussian blur and slide our pencil a bit you know what they said easy peasy lemon squeezy right we’re gonna start another layer okay make sure you do the step you do not want to accidentally start painting on your background layer give them a real dump truck back there so now we’re gonna start a new layer on top clipping mask set this to multiply once again and uh look at this magic so we’re gonna take a nice warm kind of mid-tone color okay and uh those are our shadows thank you see if there’s anything you’re not happy with just erase right back into it now for me I’ll be honest with you guys I’m not a huge fan of drawing on the iPad I don’t think it’s procreate’s fault because procreate is an amazing application but the apple pencil and the interface with the screen it just doesn’t feel nearly as good as my Wacom tablets so I think this workflow this like really really simplified Shadow and light workflow helps me do fewer brush Strokes on this screen and fewer brush Strokes on the iPad is great I’m gonna start adding some color variation here the color variation for areas like this right like the subsurface scattering that you’re going to see on the ear and what that means is when the light passes through the ear it’s going to bring out that red color of the blood and the flesh Okay so now I’ve merged them all together and this is where we can start to work on a little bit more of the details so you guys see this bright spot on his neck right there that is there because of the bounce light coming back up off of the white pages of his Sketchbook so when you’re drawing a character in any sort of environment you want to know your light source you want to understand your light source when we actually talk about that quite a bit in um our tutorial for the month of June so be sure to check that out on patreon

Here we’re going to add some of that same bounce light up from the Sketchbook Pages onto the front of his face foreign so you guys can see I’m adding a bit of the details here and I’m using the gloaming brush in procreate again this is a default brush yeah so the more that I draw in procreate the more I’m starting to realize that I’m developing a different workflow Scott feels to me like a modern day bomb Ross or something it’s just oozing positivity just very nice but I saw one of his other videos where he mentions that he used to not always be like this it was only after he had twins that he realized that he wanted to be a good dad and he wanted to be a nicer person but before that he was always making snarky remarks you know targeting people’s insecurities for a laugh that kind of thing and I find that

To be really inspirational because trying to change yourself and grow for the better is never an easy thing to do but the fact that he was able to become the person that he is today I think that’s really really admirable Thank you started a new hard light layer and on this layer when I use our airbrush and just create some blooming effect for the light foreign good I think that captures his likeness that captures the whole vibe of this scene

uh but I want to try something Else all right we’re just adding some final touches here we’re just just making this a little bit more refined you know and uh yeah that looks pretty good all right there we go so there’s Scott and there’s big Scott please let me know in the comments which one you guys prefer um for me I think it’s got to be a big Scott anyways this was a lot of fun to make thank you for the portrait Scott and I hope you enjoy your portrait of big Scott uh please keep giving your good advice to the art babies and if you guys haven’t heard of Scott please go check out his channel he’s fantastic so with that being said I hope you enjoyed watching this process of Sam does man more specifically Sam does Scott subscribe to my channel and share this video with a friend who needs serious Help and I’ll see you guys on the next

Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama
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  1. I think i needed that advice. I just started my journey with digital art, and up to that point, I mostly did traditional art. I'm constantly obsessing over small details. It makes me tired and very reluctant to finish my drawing.
    It wasn't such a big deal when I was painting on paper because there's no undo button. But after watching your video, I feel like I got permission not to be perfect in digital art.
    Scott is such an inspiring artist (plus, I also struggle with adhd like he does).
    And your tips and techniques are amazing! I love both of your content 🖤


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