DevRev, makers of OneCRM, a platform purpose-built for SaaS and technology companies to bring support, product, and growth teams together at its inaugural user  Effortless – announced the general availability of customizable LLMs and in-browser analytics to make GenAI actionable and affordable within the enterprise.

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With the proliferation of public cloud in the past five years, customers have been spending several million dollars a year between ETL tools, cloud data warehouses (“DWs”), visualization software, and data teams to implement Customer 360 and Product 360 dashboards. DevRev natively brings (“airdrops”) data from support ops, product ops, engineering ops, sales ops, and chat ops – in real time – into its secure multi-tenant cloud, freeing up customers to focus on engagement, churn, and frontline response times. By using browser-side WASM technologies, end users experience sub-hundred millisecond latencies for queries that otherwise would take minutes, hitting expensive server-side DWs.

In-Browser Analytics has also become imperative in the era of GenAI, as managers expect to bypass data teams, interacting directly with their support, product, and work data using natural language (“text”). Text2SQL technologies will not scale – and will be prohibitively expensive – if applications start to send interactive queries to centralized data repositories. In fact, in this age of Large Language Models (“LLMs”), users are also demanding low-latency and meaningfully accurate semantic search and support deflection capabilities across their product, customer, and work data. Only by learning customer-specific product and process ontologies can such accuracies be achieved. DevRev’s AI pipeline leverages the highly popular langchain framework, making it possible to configure LLMs and route natural language queries to structured data with 1-click no-code workflows.

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“GenAI, and its knowledge graph, is collapsing boundaries between tools and our departments,” says Shikhar Agarwal, CTO of Spotnana, a modern travel-as-a-service SaaS company. “In this day and age of hyper-efficiency, we were staring at nine different tools, the data and AI pipeline costs on top of them, and DevRev became a slam dunk decision.”

“Leveraging LLMs with DevRev has made it super simple to generate, cluster, classify, summarize, and prioritize natural language artifacts such as tickets, conversations, documents, articles, and machine logs,” says Vinod Muthukrishnan, CCO of Uniphore, a modern customer analytics SaaS company. “In fact, support and customer success encompass so much more than ticket and dashboard management in the enterprise. With DevRev, we’re now expanding these capabilities from customer support into our product and development use cases.”

“By bringing product planning, Product 360, developer productivity, and software work management together, DevRev is creating a new category of Product CRM, so product managers and developers can assimilate the voice of the customer, the user, and the frontline in real time,” says Dheeraj Pandey, CEO of DevRev. “Support and Product CRMs are the yin and yang of listening and doing in SaaS companies eager to engage with their end users in real time.”

At the conference, DevRev also announced that it has effortlessly crossed 4,000 Product-Led Growth (“PLG”) customers, airdropped 20 million objects from legacy Atlassian Jira, Zendesk, and Salesforce systems, generated 60 million GPT tokens, and served 200 million low-latency API calls, highlighting the strength of its enterprise-grade data platform, consumer-grade design, and developer-grade AI capabilities.

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