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Predicted Outcome: Everyone (Except Twitch) Could See This Coming – Stay Ahead with SEO-Bosted Insights

Bonjour! It’s Good to See You Again

Bonjour! It’s Good to See You Again

Shall I Propel the Usual?

Two days after Twitch allowed artistic nudity on the platform, the company has reversed that decision, to the shock of no one. It took two days too long to catch you up.

OnlyFans model Morgpie went viral for supposedly streaming topless, taking part in what was turning out to be an emerging meta. While Morgpie claims she was wearing a shirt just out of frame, we have our doubts. There’s a clip, but it’s not in our sources. Stop looking for it, and we won’t claim to be experts on the female form, but one of us studied physics and let’s just say the footage was gravitationally anomalous.

Intel’s Latest Launch

Intel launched their new Core Ultra Mobile processors, their first consumer CPUs with built-in neural processing units, during the company’s AI Everywhere event. What if you don’t want AI to be everywhere? Too bad. The H series is designed for thin and light gaming workstation laptops, while the U series is meant for Ultrabooks. Apparently, there has been a massive improvement in the integrated graphics, though Intel’s previous attempts in the iGPU front have set a pretty low bar.

They had a higher bar to clear with their new fifth-gen Xeon processor since they will be competing against AMD’s excellent EPYC platform. Team Blue is really pushing the AI angle here, with the data center chips emphasizing the baked-in AI acceleration and calling the new Xeon the best CPU for AI hands down.

Privacy Concerns with Cox Media

A marketing company called Cox Media Group claims they can listen to consumers’ ambient conversations through microphones in devices like smartphones to gather data for ad targeting. Even worse, they thought saying that was a solid business strategy. The company advertised active listening on their site as a marketing strategy for potential clients, calling it a marketing technique fit for the future, available today.

They mixed up their marketing textbook with 1984. Cox Media has since removed the page from their site, probably because it’s not a good look. And also, though they might actually be lying. Conclusive proof for the common suspicion that our phones are listening to everything we say has been very difficult to find. Even if Cox Media could listen to people through their phones, most models today indicate when the microphone is being used. Actually, that’s a feature exclusive to iPhones, according to Apple Insider.

Google Chrome’s Changes

Google Chrome will finally start blocking third-party cookies next year, merely years after every other browser. In a post on their official blog, the company will start testing their tracking protection feature on January 4th, starting with just 1% of global Chrome users. Google says they will reach every Chrome user at some point in the second half of next year.

In other Google news, the company has announced that it is changing how it handles Maps data so it will no longer be able to access users’ individual location histories. The change appears to be designed to make it pointless for law enforcement to serve Google with geofence warrants. In other other Google news, the company has released an on-device diagnostic tool and repair manuals for Pixel phones, announced in a blog post just one day after Apple announced they were launching web-based diagnostic tools for iPhones.

AI Discoveries

AI researchers at DeepMind claim that one of their large language models is the first one to discover new verifiable solutions for open problems in mathematics. The model, using a method called Fun Search, was able to discover multiple never-before-seen solutions to the well-known cap-set math problem and the bin-packing problem in computer science. Unlike biology or chemistry, these disciplines allow AI to make discoveries that can be tested without the risk of blowing up the lab or triggering a Last of Us situation. Math can’t hurt you – it’s not even real; some of it’s imaginary.

AI News Network

AI startup Channel One has created a proof-of-concept pilot episode for a 24/7 news network featuring a team of fully generated news anchors and AI-augmented news coverage. The news stories are reportedly at least partially drawn from existing news sources and edited by human beings.

Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama, a lifelong enthusiast of Artificial Intelligence, has been exploring technology and the digital realm since childhood. Known for his creative thinking, he's dedicated to improving AI experiences for all, making him a respected figure in the field. His passion, curiosity, and creativity drive advancements in the AI world.


  1. i think everyone has a responsibility to NOT buy the new intel chips. let them know that we don't want AI, we want computing power. You gotta keep em separated.

  2. Tello features are pretty much the same as Google Fi🤔
    Though Fi has only three single user options.
    Ironically T-Mobile boasts the same, but after going over the data cap, you get unlimited 3G speeds instead of 2G…so…💁🏼‍♂️

  3. I still think it's hilarious whenever Google does something and then pretends that they care about people's privacy. The amount of times Google's domains show up in the history of my Ad-blocker, No-Script and Privacy Badger is insane. The amount of crap from Google that gets blocked on sites outside of YouTube (the only Google service I do use) is insane. It even exceeds Facebook.

    So yeah, Google now blocks third party cookies in their next update of Chrome. Meanwhile other browsers have been doing this by default for decades, because third party cookies haven't been used for anything other than e-stalking since the mid 90s. There hasn't been a valid reason to not block third party cookies for the past 25 years.

    As for Google changing how they use maps data, that is another nothing burger. As long as you have the hidden find-my-phone setting turned on, Google will profile your movements at scarily regular intervals.

    The EU needs to get around to putting laws in place that explicitly prohibit any and all of these tracking technologies from ever being opt-out. They have to be an explicit opt-in, where the used must manually select every single so-called "legitimate purpose" for these industrial scale online stalkers. Same with Google Play Services, or rather the Google Spyware Service, it should be against the law for that shit to not have an option to refuse the TOS and still be able to use your phone normally. Keep in mind that 99.9% of all apps on the Google Play Store do NOT need Google Play Services to function, they only use it for "analytics" aka advertising and e-stalking.

  4. Twitch used to ban ppl for wearing sexually explicit clothing and now there's women in bikinis in the front page. Like I'm a lesbian woman, but fr twitch should have been just for gaming. 😭

  5. instead of competing with cuda, why not aslo complement it? so make a cpu that can make it better, imagine that, so instead of only buy GPU for AI, also buy CPU for AI and use that at the same time… maeby not use cuda at all, but it is posible..

  6. "What happens on the internet stays in the internet."

    One day this will also become as obsolete as decency and privacy, then these twitchers will have to face the dildo of consequences of their actions live styles.

  7. No standard browser blocks third party cookies by default. If you do, you can not use any Google, Apple or Microsoft web applications. They all rely on authentication from a third party website driving their centralized authentication, just like every other service using them as a central login. None of that works without third party cookies.

  8. I feel like twitch acknowledging the sexual streams was a mistake. Personally feels more and more true that they just purposely ignore the ones skirting the rules

  9. For a moment, I was about to be hyped that Tello Films was a sponsor, even though I'm not sure that makes marketing sense, but nope it's confusingly Tello mobile, boo.

  10. 3:33 I've seen conclusive proof with my very own eyes. Me bringing up an old acquaintance to a friend, that person getting recommended to them as a facebook friends hours later. And that's happened a gazillion times

  11. Did you know your fake french accent is based on fake french accents ? In most movies when they want a french person they hire an american who did some french in high school, which means that the stereotypical french accent most americans are familiar with is quite different from the real french accent (which is much more fun, imho).

  12. Took me a while to understand the switch from french to english in the beginning there. I thought he was still speaking french with such a heavy accent that I couldn't understand it.


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