Expert Reviews: Top Roborock Vacuums of 2024

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Roborock Q Revo
ech specs:
Suction power: 5500Pa |
Dustbin Volume: 80ml |
Water tank capacity: 80ml |
Runtime: 180 minutes

We think the best valued Roborock is the Roborock Q Revo thanks to its 5500PA suction power, dual oscillating mop heads, and multifunctional dock. Personally, I love oscillating mop heads on robot vacuums, and this machine is no different. The mop heads can reach a max 200RPM, but more importantly can be cleaned in the multifunctional dock. It’s a self-washing, self-drying, self-emptying, and self-refilling dock, taking all of the dirty work out of vacuuming and mopping.

This docking station is quite a bit smaller than other multifunctional docking stations, meaning that the water tank and dustbin volume are smaller. But don’t be fooled, the Q Revo can mop up to 4,305 square feet before needing manual intervention. In true Roborock fashion, the mop heads can lift when it’s time for the robot to vacuum carpet or rugs, ensuring that all of your floors can be cleaned in a single run.

For $800, you’re getting a powerful and capable machine for almost half the price of some of Roborock’s larger models.


Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama
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