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Google Cloud integrates Stack Overflow’s knowledge into Gemini AI

Google Cloud and Stack Overflow announce strategic partnership

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Google Cloud and Stack Overflow have announced a strategic partnership that combines the strengths of Google Cloud’s artificial intelligence (AI) technologies with Stack Overflow’s extensive developer knowledge for developers.

The partnership gives Google Cloud customers access to Stack Overflow directly within the Google Cloud Console and Gemini for Google Cloud. Developers on Stack Overflow will also benefit from Google Cloud’s AI technologies to find coding solutions more efficiently.

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“This partnership brings our enterprise AI platform together with the most in-depth and popular developer knowledge platform available today,” said Thomas Kurian, Google Cloud CEO. “Google Cloud and Stack Overflow will help developers more effectively use AI in the platforms they prefer, combining the vast knowledge from the Stack Overflow community and new AI capabilities, powered by Vertex AI and Google Cloud’s trusted, secure infrastructure.”

The partnership leverages Stack Overflow’s 15 years of experience and Google Cloud’s advanced developer tools, including its AI features. These generative AI capabilities are powered by Gemini, Google’s latest and most capable large language model, which also powers its AI chatbot and other services.

“In the AI era, Stack Overflow has maintained that the foundation of trusted and accurate data will be central to how technology solutions are built, with millions of the world’s developers coming to our platform as one of the few high-quality sources of information with community attribution at its core,” said Prashanth Chandrasekar, CEO of Stack Overflow.

Merging Gemini for Google Cloud with Stack Overflow’s extensive knowledge base will hopefully enhance developer productivity and accuracy. Developers will be able to easily ask questions about code and get answers backed by Stack Overflow’s data without leaving the Google Cloud environment.

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“This landmark, multi-dimensional AI-focused partnership… underscores our joint commitment to unleash developer creativity, unlock productivity without sacrificing accuracy, and deliver on socially responsible AI. By bringing together the strengths of our two companies, we can accelerate innovation across a variety of industries,” Chandrasekar added.

The first integrations of the new partnership between Stack Overflow and Gemini for Google Cloud will be available in the first half of 2024 and will be showcased at the Google Cloud Next event on April 9-11.

Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama
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