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Figure AI: Building the Future with Humanoid Robots

Founded in 2022, Figure AI has developed a general-purpose robot, called Figure 01, that looks and moves like a human. The company sees its robots being put to use in various industries such as manufacturing, shipping and logistics, warehousing, and retail. They aim to address labor shortages in these sectors, although their machines are not intended for military or defense applications.

Earlier this week, the company released a video showcasing Figure 01 in action. The robot, attached to a tether, demonstrated its ability to walk on two legs, pick up a plastic crate with its five-fingered hands, and place the box on a conveyor belt.

Figure’s ultimate goal is for Figure 01 to autonomously perform everyday tasks. To achieve this, the company acknowledges the need to develop more robust AI systems.

Figure AI is part of a competitive landscape with other companies working on humanoid robots. Amazon-backed Agility Robotics, Tesla, Boston Dynamics, and 1X Technologies are all investing in this technology. Analysts predict a promising future for humanoid robots, with the market expected to reach $38 billion by 2035.

The Future of Humanoid Robots

According to Tom Andersson of STIQ Ltd., there is significant interest in humanoid robots, but several advancements are necessary before they can be widely adopted. Figure AI recently announced a partnership with OpenAI and Microsoft to develop next-generation AI models for humanoid robots, indicating a collaborative effort to advance the technology.

Building humanoid robots comes with a cost, as they require expensive components like actuators, motors, and sensors. However, the costs are gradually decreasing, making them more accessible for various applications. Intel’s venture fund, along with investors such as Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest, are supporting companies like Figure AI in their development of humanoid robots.


Figure AI’s Figure 01 represents a significant step forward in the field of robotics. With advancements in AI and collaborations with industry leaders, the future looks promising for humanoid robots. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see these robots playing a vital role in various industries, revolutionizing the way we work and interact with machines.

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