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Generating 100,000 Images Daily Using Amazon ECS | Scenario Case Study | AWS

Scenario built its solution exceptionally fast. “We wrote the first line of code on October 13, 2022,” says Nivon. “We built the beta in 2 months with only three engineers, and Scenario generated over one million images in its first 2 weeks.” The company used a host of AWS services to accelerate its development process. It chose Amazon API Gateway, a fully managed service to create, publish, and secure APIs at nearly any scale, to act as the “front door” for its applications.

The company also uses AWS Batch, which efficiently runs hundreds of thousands of batch and machine learning computing jobs while optimizing compute resources, to train its machine learning models. “The strategy was to use AWS services that reduce the development workload and are simple to maintain, while meeting low-latency and availability requirements,” says Nivon. In keeping with that strategy, Scenario also uses Amazon ECS to run the containers that its image-generation application uses.

After launching its beta in December of 2022, Scenario scaled to over 40 countries in 3 months. “We haven’t had any downtime since our launch, even though we’ve been growing so quickly,” says Nivon. “Our company has served and generated millions of images with only three people, proving a new use case for generative AI with little time and effort.” As of March 2023, Scenario provides customers with approximately 100,000 images each day.

Scenario expects that its tools will have a lasting impact on the game industry. If artists no longer have to devote time to marketing and other repetitive tasks related to asset generation, they can focus on producing more rich, detailed, and original content. “Michelangelo had assistants, and so do the fine artists of today,” says Gerard. “Scenario gives game artists an AI assistant so that they can focus on creative work.” Similarly, if game developers can easily generate game assets, they can spend more time creating engaging storylines. “Scenario is empowering creatives to waste less time on repetitive tasks and devote themselves to the game they’re developing,” says Gerard.

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Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama
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