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Google’s Revolutionary “Text to Image Model” Released – Get the Latest Update!

<a href='' title='Google offers free AI cyber tools to enhance online security' >Google</a>’s Image Generation Breakthrough: Image 2

Google’s Image Generation Breakthrough: Image 2

So Google actually just surprisingly released Image 2 which is their most advanced text to image technology and I’m not being over the top when I say this that this might actually be the very best text to image generator that we do have and I’ll explain the reasons why in just a moment now this is very very good in fact it’s shockingly good because we didn’t know that this was coming and with the rise of Google’s Gemini Pro it shows us that Google is taking this AI race very seriously so right here you can see that image and Two are most advanced text image technology now of course everybody knows that text to image isn’t something that is new it’s not something that’s you know we’ve seen for the first time but this is very very different because how Google have gone about this text image generator and how they’ve implemented it into their website is very different and is exactly what I’ve been asking for for quite some time so let’s take a look at some of the key features why this actually stands out and of course how you can get started.

Key Features of Google’s Image 2:

One of the first things you need to understand is that this isn’t currently available in every single country although it is available in most of the countries so you should be able to use this. If you are in any of the economic European areas Switzerland and the UK you’re not going to be able to use the image generation because what they’ve done is they’ve actually added it to b b has been updated today since it is the 1st of February and you would have known that b is getting an update if you did watch our last video now under here you can see that I’ve put all of the countries that are in the European economic area which according to the recent post by Google it isn’t going to be out in these countries just yet however there are a few ways that I’ll show you later that you can still access this really cool software so let’s actually take a look at the image generation and how good this is because image generation is one thing but once I show you guys how they’ve implemented this then that’s when you guys are going to see why this is really cool.

Photo Realism and Training:

Google’s focus on this was actually on photorealism so I’m going to show you guys some images in a moment and you’re going to see just how good these images are because Google’s photorealism is actually pretty pretty good. Remember, this is Google’s Image 2, their second iteration of this model which just goes to show how big of a leap this is. With these prompts, we can see a Mosaic inspired portrait of a person, a modern house on the coastal cliff, and more.

If we actually compare this to some of the other models like Dar 3, the photo realism is really good because they fine-tuned the model based on human preferences for qualities like good lighting, framing, exposure, sharpness, and more. They’ve even made hands look realistic in the images, which was a challenge in earlier AI generations.

Text Rendering Support:

Google’s Image 2 also includes text rendering support, allowing for text to be added to images with a remarkable degree of accuracy. The prompts include descriptions like a cup of strawberry yogurt with the words “delicious” written on the side sitting on a wooden tabletop. The text here looks very accurate and creative stylistically.

Another significant feature of Google’s Image 2 is the intuitive editing capabilities. The image effects within the tool allow users to break up and modify images easily, providing greater creative freedom. Users can switch between different styles and elements with just a few clicks, making the image editing process more interactive and seamless.

Comparison with Other Models:

When comparing Google’s Image 2 with other models like Dar 3, it’s clear that Google has made significant advancements in terms of photo realism, text rendering support, and intuitive editing capabilities. The images generated by Google’s Image 2 demonstrate a high level of detail, realism, and creativity that set it apart from other text to image generators in the market.


In conclusion, Google’s Image 2 represents a major breakthrough in text to image technology. With its focus on photorealism, text rendering support, and intuitive editing features, this tool offers users a high degree of customization and creativity. As Google continues to refine and enhance its AI capabilities, we can expect even more innovative and impactful tools to emerge in the future.

Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama, a lifelong enthusiast of Artificial Intelligence, has been exploring technology and the digital realm since childhood. Known for his creative thinking, he's dedicated to improving AI experiences for all, making him a respected figure in the field. His passion, curiosity, and creativity drive advancements in the AI world.


  1. I gave Google Bard this prompt today and the woman it created looked like an alien experiment gone wild. My wife said it looking at it would give her nightmares…. The same prompt given to DALLE was fantastic. Would you create this picture?

    A 20-year-old beautiful woman dancing joyfully under heavy rain on a solitary street in a Spanish city. She is wearing a white dress, completely soaked, and exuding happiness, fully enjoying the moment. The street features water puddles and visible raindrops, capturing the essence of the rainy atmosphere. The image should b hyperrealistic, resembling a high-resolution 16k photo with exceptional detail.

  2. Honestly I don’t think anyone is gonna bother with it if it’s censored. We already have Midjourney and Dalle, having another ai image generator is really nothing special, but an uncensored one is definitely intriguing

  3. Imagine a generating pictures using AI, imagine gereating a 3D world from that AI generated picture, imagine exploring that 3D world from the AI gereated picture. This and much, much more is what we have to look forward to with AI. The posibilities are endless and all that is left is your own imagination.

  4. Hear Hear, Excellent Idea and Viewpoint. Add the Synth Num to all AI suppliers. … eventually 'they' will of course get around it, but it will help at least a bit.

  5. The thing is this Google has the reference resource advantages, as Google images has over a trillion images & if google trains on it unstoppable.

    Then YouTube for video training 😮

  6. I just tried Image FX to create an image to hopefully look like my dog… A description of my dog apparently goes against the "use policy"…. WTF?

  7. Why is it good that it is watermarked and aligned with 13:00 Google politics.
    This dude is such a sellout.
    I want free and uncensored everything. F this BS alignment other than mine for what I DO.

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  9. No Gemini pro 7:15 mening bard is not very good you are obviously not using it. It is garbage I do not know any other model that hallucinate that bad. It is completely useless. It based on a creative writing model. That is why it just makes up stuff all the time. You can not trust anything it says.

  10. "Shocked the industry"? Not really… at least not to anyone who is aware of the other options. Imagen-2 is decent but it's not even close to as good as Midjourney or Stable Diffusion at this point. Maybe Google will overtake them at some point but as of now, they aren't even in the same universe. Midjourney despite not having a super slick interface is still pretty easy to use and they are creating a web version with all the bells and whistles. Stable Diffusion with the latest Web UI is extremely complex but is also the best by far, especially with specifically trained LORAs and other config options. Not even Midjourney can compare to Stable Diffusion when done correctly, it's just the learning curve of it that prevents it from having wider adoption. It's light years beyond Imagen 2 or DALL E 3.

  11. Can you stop saying "@!%×^×<" just SHOCKED THE ENTIRE INDUSTRY" Its very annoying and clickbaity. That being said i love your vids but please stop hyping your videos up? because when AGI is really realeased you are gonna try to get hype but everyone will think you are just posting another video because thats how all of them are labeled


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