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So today in the world of AI…

It’s actually kind of a slow news day which is kind of weird, they do exist, but some things have happened that are very interesting.

Important Updates from OpenAI

OpenAI sent out an email with two important updates. The first update is that they are still planning to launch the GPT store, but it looks like it’s been pushed back to early 2024. The second update is that files uploaded to your GPT can be downloaded when you enable code interpreter for use with GPT. This means that conversations with your GPT may include file contents that can be extracted by the user.

Changes in Investor Profits

According to The Economist, OpenAI is changing how their investors make money. Profits for investors in this venture were capped at 100 times their investment, but thanks to a rule change, this cap will rise by 20% a year starting in 2025. Any profits above the cap will flow to the parent non-profit organization.

Exciting Developments in AI

Recently, DeepMind announced a new breakthrough in using AI to control an electron microscope to rearrange individual atoms. This has potential implications for materials science, including the discovery of new materials for superconductors, building materials, batteries, and more.

Chinese Advances in AI

Chinese researchers have been making strides in AI, with large language models approaching the capabilities of GPT-4. These models, such as Quin 72 billion and Quin 1.8 billion, are open-source and have the potential to drive further innovations in the field.

Geopolitical Implications of AI

There have been recent discussions about the intersection of AI technology and geopolitics. Sam Altman, a key figure in the AI industry, has been involved in partnerships and fundraising activities in the Middle East, raising concerns about global AI competition and collaboration.

US Regulations and International Partnerships

The US government has been closely monitoring AI developments and regulating partnerships with foreign entities, particularly those from China and the Middle East. This reflects the growing importance of AI as a strategic asset in global affairs.

The Future of AI

Leaders from countries around the world have acknowledged the transformative power of AI and the need for collaboration in its development. The next few years will be crucial in shaping the trajectory of AI technology and its impact on society.


AI is becoming a significant force in shaping the future of our world, with implications for technology, economics, and geopolitics. The developments and challenges in AI will continue to evolve, driving innovation and change on a global scale.

Written by West rth


  1. Individuals who embrace the notion of "AI for humanity" may be overly optimistic; the reality appears to follow familiar patterns of wealth accumulation. The affluent gain further prosperity, while the less privileged receive only meager benefits. At the top echelons, little substantive change is evident, suggesting a perpetuation of the status quo. The wealthy are poised to access innovations ahead of others, leading to extended and more content lives. This dynamic could potentially foster the emergence of a new breed of humans, wherein those with technological resources enhance their bodies, while those lacking financial means undertake laborious and menial tasks.

  2. I'd guess its a tool to build on atomic level. It could be used to build nanites which could then themselves respirate on demand and be swarm controlled to build other atomic scale devices including ICs, exception materials including super-strength super heat or super electrical conductors and insulators….. No end of incredible exponentially increasing computational, power, material and device development and growth particularly if it's controlled by an ai. Not a good time for ai and nanite breakthroughs to intersect.

    Sigh… It will take just one nutter or pissy teenager to kill us all very soon.

  3. China has never cared about ethics, from pollution, habitat destruction, Uighurs, Taiwan. And it's not now that they started to worry about ethics

  4. Thanks, great as always. I think we're all realising that this is the most powerful technology revolution in history, it can't be stopped. Anyone stopping or slowing down is just getting left behind.

  5. My second recent criticism – It's absolutely disgusting listening to you and others celebrate massive profits, lifting the capped profit status and huge stock windfalls. Do you not remember that this company is supposed to exist to usher in an age of ABUNDANCE? Literally just becoming another tech grift + jousting match for the ability to use it to control people rather than free people.

  6. This is so encouraging. The same disgusting vampires that enslave humanity are now in control of AI! With people like this controlling AI our civilisation is over. There is no way this ends well. Yes the disgusting CCP open sourced their models. They understand that they can never compete with open sourced models. They will play nice, steal data, use people to advance their models. Then, one day it will stop. The CCP only cares about themselves. If they develop advanced AI they will use it for the worst abuses you could ever think of. Imagine a total psychopath that chops up people and sells their organs on the open market. Imagine a thing like that with bleeding edge AI and no guard rails. That's the CCP. Wow this is great!

  7. So not only are US companies doing battle against each other, but there's now a global AI arms race. Fantastic 😔

    Hopefully the good AI that ends disease and discovers unlimited energy is developed first 🤔

  8. 📝 Summary of Key Points:

    📌 OpenAI's GPT store launch has been delayed until early 2024. Users can now download files uploaded to GPT when code interpreter is enabled. OpenAI has also made changes to their profit-sharing model, capping profits for investors at 100 times their investment.

    🧐 DeepMind has achieved using AI to control an electron microscope to rearrange individual atoms, potentially leading to advancements in superconductors and building materials.

    🚀 Chinese researchers have developed large language models approaching the capabilities of GPT-4 and have open-sourced these models.

    🚀 OpenAI has partnered with G42, a tech fund in the United Arab Emirates, and Sam Altman is raising funds for an AI chip startup.

    🚀 The Biden Administration has compelled a Saudi fund to sell its shares to a Silicon Valley AI chip startup backed by Sam Altman.

    🚀 The US is carefully guarding who AI companies do business with, particularly companies from China and the Middle East.

    🚀 AI is acknowledged as a significant force by leaders from various countries, and microchips are becoming the new energy source.

    💡 Additional Insights and Observations:

    💬 "AI is becoming a powerful weapon and microchips are becoming the new energy source, shaping the future of the world."

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    📣 Concluding Remarks:

    The video highlights various updates and news related to AI. OpenAI's GPT store launch has been delayed, and users can now download uploaded files. DeepMind's achievement in using AI to control an electron microscope is mentioned, along with the development of large language models by Chinese researchers. Partnerships, investments, and the US government's cautious approach to AI business are also discussed. The video emphasizes the significance of AI and microchips in shaping the future.
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