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Enhance Your Text with AI Writing Tools

With artificial intelligence being the gold standard in terms of writing, it’s now easier than ever to humanize your text using new tools and methods. One thing that many people haven’t realized is that the default text generated by chat GPT and GPT-4 can be easily detected as AI-written, even by humans.

Using Chat GPT for Text Generation

For example, when I asked Chat GPT about the possibility of tax reliefs for companies that use human workers instead of AI, it provided a paragraph that sounded too consistent and robotic. While chat GPT is good at generating text, there are ways to make it sound even better.

Introducing Hick AI Writer

Hick AI Writer offers a feature called Hick Bypass, which provides truly undetectable AI writing. By using this tool, you can humanize your text and bypass various AI writing detectors that can easily identify text generated by AI.

Benefits of Using Hick AI Writer

One of the main advantages of using Hick AI Writer is its ease of use and affordability. The tool is user-friendly and offers customizable options for word count and writing style. By humanizing your text, you can ensure that it sounds more natural and engaging.

Comparing AI-Generated Text

By comparing AI-generated text with humanized text, you can see the difference in quality and tone. Humanized text sounds more authentic and relatable, making it ideal for various writing purposes.

Try Hick AI Writer Today

If you want to enhance your text and make it more human-like, Hick AI Writer is a great tool to try. With its user-friendly interface and customizable features, you can easily improve the quality of your writing and bypass AI writing detectors.


  1. It strips the formatting, did you try with a fully seo'd article with h2's, h3's bulleted lists, tables etc? It's far easier and cheaper when writing articles to include in your prompt instructions that will humanize the output with engaging and natural linguistics

  2. I tried it with fiction that was largely written by AI and then edited slightly by me, and it totally went off the rails. If you want to use it, I would suggest sticking with nonfiction. Then I took the same fiction and put it into one of the AI detectors and it came back as 100% human even before I did anything to it.

  3. Jesus, dude! Just do some elementary, basic prompt engineering! If you're talking to the half-assed vanilla "assistant", you're always gonna get the same garbage.

  4. You can probably achieve similar results for free if you have a decent GPU and can run your text through a local model like Mistral with a system prompt to "humanize" it.


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