• Microsoft is developing an AI feature for Windows 11 that will enhance PC game performance, similar to Nvidia’s DLSS, improving frame rates and image quality.
  • The new feature will optimize and reduce latency in windowed games, automatically applying AI-based super resolution for supported titles.
  • In addition to the AI feature, Microsoft is also working on an improved color management feature that allows users to fine-tune color settings and save profiles, benefiting users with HDR gaming monitors.



Microsoft is working on a new AI feature that will enhance PC games running on Windows 11, similar to Nvidia’s DLSS feature for GeForce RTX graphics cards. Despite the lack of an official announcement, a newly discovered test build suggests that Microsoft will deploy the feature soon in an upcoming Windows 11 update.

Despite issues involving slower gaming performance in Windows 11 in the past, Microsoft has been working to improve the operating software and bring enticing features to PC gamers. Features such as DirectStorage, Game Mode, and Auto HDR help gamers get the best possible experience from their PC games if they have compatible hardware. Moreover, graphics cards from Nvidia, AMD, and Intel are able to leverage AI-driven super sampling technology to improve gaming performance in the most demanding titles like Cyberpunk 2077.


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A new Microsoft AI feature will apply optimizations and latency reductions to windowed games on Windows 11, according to a new report by Tom Warren at The Verge. A toggle for this new AI super resolution feature is available in select version 24H2 test builds for Windows 11, but it’s unclear how the feature works in games yet. However, the feature’s description in the test build notes that it will “use AI to make supported games play more smoothly with enhanced details.” Once toggled, the feature will automatically be in use for supported titles as “auto super resolution.” If the feature leverages the user’s GPU like Nvidia’s DLSS 3 technology, PC gamers can expect improved frame rates and image quality across a variety of different games.

Windows 11 Adding New AI Super Sampling Feature for PC Games

Windows 11 AI Feature
The Verge

Alongside the new AI super resolution feature, Microsoft is working on an improved color management feature for Windows 11. This feature will allow users to fine-tune their color management settings and save color profiles that best suit their monitors. PC gamers may want to use this feature with gaming monitors that support HDR in order to get the most color accurate image while gaming. In addition, color profiles may be set for sRGB and DCI-P3, so a wide variety of monitors can benefit from the feature in the upcoming Windows 11 update.

The release date for the new Windows 11 update is unknown, but the feature being available in test builds could mean that Microsoft is preparing to launch the update within the next few months. It’s clear that Microsoft’s focus on improving gaming performance will continue well into 2024 for Windows 11 users, as legacy Windows features are phased out and more optimizations are made.

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