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Discover the benefits of Google’s innovative OPEN SOURCE robot for MOBILE ALOHA

Article on Mobile Aloha and <a href='' title='Using AI to Design a New Robot from Scratch in Seconds' >Robotics</a>

Mobile Aloha: Revolutionizing Robotics for the Average Person

With all the news in robotics that’s coming out right now it might be easy to miss this but as you’re about to see this might be the most important of them all, it’s called mobile Aloha. Here’s the big headline – you can build something like this for your house, for your business, for your garage for about $332,000. It comes with a data set that allows it to do some commonplace tasks, but you can teach it to do pretty much whatever else you want by basically strapping yourself into it and walking it through how to do that task.

The Future of Robotics is Accessible

This is showing that the future of Robotics won’t be built behind closed doors by massive organizations completely locked away and hidden from the world. Instead, it will be fairly inexpensive, easy for the average person to utilize, train, and customize to their own needs. And also, just from a safety perspective, I don’t know, I would feel pretty safe with that thing rolling around my house, in case it goes rogue, I would just walk upstairs.

What is Mobile Aloha?

Learning B manual mobile manipulation with low-cost whole body Telly operation. It’s not a fully autonomous robot, it’s a robot that’s trained with teleoperation. It mimics actions that are teleoperated. So, when you see the robot cooking a meal, cutting up veggies, stirring eggs, cracking eggs, that is done with Telly operation, where someone is training the robot how to do it. It’s kind of like remote control but with learning involved.

Inexpensive and Accessible Robotics

The paper on mobile Aloha from January 2024 by Stanford AI Department showcases how this system costs $32,000 including onboard power and compute. It can perform complex long horizon tasks with imitation learning from human demonstrations. This makes it a versatile and customizable tool for a variety of tasks.

Imitation Learning and Data Collection

Through imitation learning, the robot can imitate various tasks based on human demonstrations. This allows for efficient training and generalization of tasks, making it a powerful tool for automation in various settings. The hardware setup and data collection process are well-documented, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

Overall, mobile Aloha represents a significant step towards democratizing robotics and making advanced technology available to a broader audience. The potential applications and implications of such technology are vast, and it will be interesting to see how this development shapes the future of automation and robotics in the coming years.

Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama, a lifelong enthusiast of Artificial Intelligence, has been exploring technology and the digital realm since childhood. Known for his creative thinking, he's dedicated to improving AI experiences for all, making him a respected figure in the field. His passion, curiosity, and creativity drive advancements in the AI world.


  1. I was just watching your video from 13 days ago saying it was unlikely we would see a household robot in 2024. Literally just days later we get this announcement 😅. That's such an epitomization of the progress of AI. Obviously there's lots of caveats, but it was just kind of funny 😊

  2. Whoo hoo! Just think of many human jobs will be eliminated by robots because of course the primary purpose of these new machines will be to replace expensive cranky humans needing breaks and vacations with compliant 24/7 robots to further increase – as required by law – the profits consumed by already obscene wealth of corporate shareholders. But on the plus side,think of all the new jobs created to manufacture those robots. Oh, wait. Those assembly lines will also be auotmated.

  3. Cool yes ,Exciting,no.. I think people are being very nieve about A.i. and how it will be used . This kind of stuff is always pitched as good for humanity,and that may be the intent of the creators of this tech,but good people dont run the world, bad people do,and bad people do bad things. Bad people will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals,and good people will let them.companies don't invest billions on this stuff for the good of mankind they do it for their wallets,and bad actors will buy it up and use it for their purpose. I don't understand this fascination with things that take away the things that make us human. There is a kind of nobility in hard work, making it through the struggles and dangers of life.the daily grind of doing what needs to be done.instead instead of lying around on our butts and letting someone else do it for us.we are turning into spoiled children,and This dream of having more time to do the things we always wanted to if we just had more time on our hands is exactly that,a dream. Look what happened over the past 3 years . People had tons of time on their hands,and most did nothing,but become over weight,mental illness on the rise,more health problems than we have ever seen,and big corporations raking in record profits while everone else struggled. . Now,take that same scenario Throw some robots in there to do everything for you in an already lazy, mentality unstable society and we are going to see some real fun is fine,but it is out pacing thought,and questions that need to be asked. There are no safeguards in place for abuse of such tech,and what will be the long-term effects on our society as a whole if we don't slow it down and really ask the important questions. Tech is not going to cure the ills of the world.

  4. I did a stint at kitchen cabinet layout on the 2020 system at Lowes back in the mid-ought period. The progressive manufacturers had a line of accessibility features and sizes. The first one to standardize this robot function to a layout and have it completely working out-of-the-box is going to have the breakthrough of the decade. I wish I had one of these just to crack the egg.

  5. Have fun with the salmonella absolutely everywhere in your house after that robot grabs raw chicken, never washing its “hands” and then touching everything else in your house! Any basic human being knows this…

  6. Absolutely love this..
    I hope LLMs and Robotics is open source and free for common folk to use.
    I hope it doesnt all concentrate in few hands because unlike industrial and tech revolutions, this one much bigger implications. Outcomes from these advancements are going to decide very few winners and rest of the world jobless.

  7. That’s the ugly heap of junk though. I don’t want anything that looks like that making my Keurig in the morning (but I commiserate with the dilemma). You do product placement well 😂✨

  8. Loved the video… but regarding the safety of this "robot", what about all of us who live in flats, DID You not consider us at all?? 😉 We don't even have a cellar to hide in!!
    Best regards

  9. Have you ever seen the Matt Damon movie "Elysium"? If not, watch it. That's where we are heading, only without the Matt Damon character to save us.


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