Chachi PT Algo Pro: A Trading Strategy for Bitcoin

I recently stumbled upon a trading strategy that has been yielding incredible results on Bitcoin. With a win rate as high as 92 percent in certain time frames, I have never seen anything quite like it. This strategy, which I have coded using Chachi PT4, is called Chachi PT Algo Pro for Bitcoin. It takes into consideration market volume, overbought and oversold conditions, and more to find optimal trade entries.

I have made the script private so that no one else can see it except for me. However, I am willing to share the link to the script once this video reaches 1,000 likes. So, if you find this information valuable, please hit the like button and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already.

Building the Strategy

Let’s dive into how this strategy is built step by step. We will be looking at the price of Bitcoin on the one-minute time frame. The first step is to add three indicators: the SSL Channel, the Exponential Moving Average (EMA), and the Average True Range (ATR).


The SSL Channel is a trend-following indicator that gives buy and sell signals based on the crossing of two lines. The EMA is used for trend confirmations and finding support and resistance levels. In our strategy, we will use the EMA as a reference point for market sentiment. When the price is far from the EMA, it signals overbought or oversold conditions.

Once we have established the conditions for entering long and short trades, we can ask Chachi PT4 to code the strategy for us. We will outline the rules for entering trades, as well as the money management rules.

Implementing the Strategy

After coding the strategy, we can add it to the chart and backtest it to see how it performs. We can see that even with simple rules in place, the strategy shows a promising win rate of 49 percent. To improve the strategy, we can add a volume filter using the Heat Map Volume indicator.

By filtering out trades that occur during times of excessive volume, we can reduce fake signals and improve the accuracy of the strategy. With the volume filter in place, the win rate of the strategy increases significantly on lower time frames.

Results and Optimization

On the one-minute chart, the strategy has a win ratio of 77.78 percent, while on the three-minute chart, it is 75 percent. The strategy works well on lower time frames but may not be as effective on higher time frames.

If you are not satisfied with the results, you can always adjust the settings and parameters to find what works best for you. By tweaking the settings, such as changing the volume ma length, you can improve the win rate of the strategy significantly.

Once again, I will share the link to the strategy publicly once this video receives 1,000 likes. Simply add it to your favorites and start using it for your Bitcoin trades. Thank you for watching, and I’ll see you in the next one!


  1. I can tweak the parameters all the way to 90% wins on the 1 min but the problem is, and it's a biggie, the strategy doesnt have a stop loss.. The Stop parameter on strategy.entry is not a stop loss.. It's for a stop order entry.. To add a stoploss you'd need to add a strategy.exit(…).. Then it's all red..

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  4. This is a TERRIBLE strategy. Just use Tradingview's Deep Backtesting feature between Jan 1 2020 and July 1 2023 and it shows the strategy would be negative 12% total profit. Yes it has almost a 63% win rate, but it also has a 42.8% drawdown. This video might be generating lots of views, but please have enough sense to do your own research.

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  12. I don't get it, I've tested the strategy manually and I came to the conclusion that I don't understand why he wouldn't take profit after 2R target was hit instead holding the position for 3 days and 12R some cases…

  13. Wanted something simple with this volume heatmap inside. Was watching your videos. Great work and your manner of speaking is wery well injects inside❤


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