Looks like Microsoft is also eyeing the AI space and considering the potential of a new kind of device that could potentially replace smartphones. It’s clear that the future of AI-powered devices is on the horizon, and we can expect to see some major disruptions in the tech industry in the coming years.

In conclusion, the world of artificial intelligence is evolving rapidly, and companies like perplexity are at the forefront of this innovation. The potential for AI to revolutionize the way we consume information, interact with devices, and search for answers is enormous. As we move into the future, it’s clear that AI will play a significant role in shaping the technologies that will drive our lives. The race to create the ultimate search engine and the next generation of AI-powered devices is on, and it’s an exciting time to be at the cutting edge of technological innovation.


  1. The only problem with perplexity and Rabbit is that they're not public companies that I can short
    -Bing chat is already doing citations
    -R1 reminds me of the famous first Blackberry prototype, only problem is smartphone have already been invented (and LLM task automation is already available from other big players)

  2. R1 is just a "proof of concept"and a way to make quick funding for the real product. With all the sales capital, he has a fighting chance to not be bought out or taken, although what he refers to as LAM, everyone has their own version of device integration so he doesn't have that much to worry about. Maybe they'll be a major OEM for mobile os. I wonder how apple and Android will like the competition.

  3. Rabbit made the most use of a current AI hype and its basically selling you subscription. It does nothing that every smartphone won't have integrated one year from now. But they obviously heavily invested in marketing. I'm not buying it.

  4. Rabbit R1 has about 1 minute of delay to do one vision task. there's an opensource version being made as we speak. THAT is the future. you're just clickbaiting based on hype data.

  5. R1 seems like a single purpose device; AI powered. Limited functionality at a reasonable price. But what happens when Siri and Google have that same capability built-in? Yeah, exactly… who wants to carry around yet another device… and have to interface with it out loud in public?!? I can see this going anywhere even though I like the Perplexity integration and capability.

  6. ∆/ I believe we are meant to be like Jesus in our hearts and not in our flesh. But be careful of AI, for it knows only things of the flesh such as our fleshly desires (without fear of God) and cannot comprehend things of the Spirit such as true love and eternal joy that comes from obeying God's Word [Galatians 5:16-26]. Man is a spirit and has a soul but lives in a body which is flesh. When you go to bed it is the flesh that sleeps, but your spirit never sleeps and that is why you have dreams, unless you have died in peace physically. More so, true love that endures and last is a thing of the heart. When I say 'heart', I mean 'spirit'. But fake love, pretentious love, love with expectations, love for classic reasons, love for material reasons (love because of material needs) and love for selfish reasons outside God those are things of the flesh. In the beginning God said let us make man in our own image, according to our likeness. Take note, God is Spirit and God is Love. As Love He is the source of it. We also know that God is Omnipotent, for He creates out of nothing and He has no beginning and has no end. That means, our love is but a shadow of God's Love. True love looks around to see who is in need of your help, your smile, your possessions, your money, your strength, your quality time. Love forgives and forgets. Love wants for others what it wants for itself. However, true love works in conjunction with other spiritual forces such as patience and faith – in the finished work of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, rather than in what man has done such as science, technology and organizations which won't last forever. To avoid sin and error which leads to the death of your body and your spirit-soul in hell fire (second death), you must make God's Word the standard for your life, not AI or your flesh. If not, God will let you face AI on your own (with your own strength) and it will cast the truth down to the ground, it will be the cause of so much destruction like never seen before, it will deceive many and take many captive in order to enslave them into worshipping it and abiding in lawlessness. We can only destroy ourselves but with God all things are possible. God knows us better because He is our Creater and He knows our beginning and our end. The prove texts can be found in the book of John 5:31-44, 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12, Daniel 2, Daniel 7-9, Revelation 13-15, Matthew 24-25 and Luke 21.

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  7. I tried this. Sorry too much of left wing lgbtq+ shit for me. I would want my children to learn about 8 genders. Im waiting for moder that is not programmed like all mainstream media and left agenda wants. Hope itvwill appear soon becouse i wont get acces to bullshit like that to my children

  8. I have been using perplexity for about 2 months, but i didn't know that it's backed up by Bezos! Good bye, Perplexity, I don't want to be a part of NSA puppets scheme !

  9. I’ve been using Perplexity since it launched and over the past few months I started using it more than google. Being able to ask it a series of questions on complex subjects in my own words instead of search terms is just so much easier. It does have citations like the video mentioned so you can and should fact check but IMO it’s considerably more accurate than it was at launch and the ui has improved. If they actually made this function more like a browser with tabs and other features then I would probably stop using safari and chrome on my phone.

    Anyways, if the r1 is basically Perplexity with voice support and agents then it could very well operate like it does in the keynote. I’m just skeptical that the r1 will gain wider adoption. The r1 features just seem like features our phones will have soon enough and it will just be another relic but I suppose that depends on how big the gap is between launch and competition.


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