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Uncover the Latest Insights on GPT-5 and AGI by Sam Altman

to the developments in AI technology. The interview with Sam Alman revealed some interesting insights into the future of AI and the upcoming models like GPT 5. It seems that GPT 5 is going to have more capabilities than originally thought, with a focus on personalization and memory updates.

Sam Alman’s comments on the iterative deployment of AI models and the need for Society to co-evolve with technology show a thoughtful approach to the rapid advancements in AI. He also touched on the use of AI models by the military, emphasizing the importance of setting clear guidelines for their utilization.

The debate around AGI and its potential impact on the world is also intriguing, with differing opinions on how much AI will change our lives. It will be interesting to see how open AI continues to navigate these complex issues and what the future holds for AI technology.

In conclusion, the landscape of AI technology is evolving rapidly, and it’s crucial to stay informed and engaged with these developments. The interview with Sam Alman sheds light on the exciting possibilities and challenges that lie ahead in the world of artificial intelligence. Let’s look forward to the developments in GPT 5 and beyond.

Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama, a lifelong enthusiast of Artificial Intelligence, has been exploring technology and the digital realm since childhood. Known for his creative thinking, he's dedicated to improving AI experiences for all, making him a respected figure in the field. His passion, curiosity, and creativity drive advancements in the AI world.


  1. "AI" without the constraints and dumbing-down to public use in our litigious/offended society, is where the real technology and uses are.
    The public cannot and will not ever have unsupervised use of AI at its State of the Art.
    Thinking that "policies" will constrain any technology use by military, hackers, or "the bad guys" assumes such people follow rules; historically ridiculous

  2. GPT5 is likely going to be very responsive to nuance and variations in instruction following and have the ability to understand what's implied and expected from responses.

    In that case it's less arguing with the LLM and more valuable outputs instead. Think ability to get code right first time or perform tasks exactly as required.

    LLMs are just a matter of filling in as many gaps in the neural network as possible until it's capable of doing anything within its abilities.

  3. Мы будем жить вместе навсегда если он хочет буду ему помогать а дети будут он мне помогать будет❤❤

  4. 🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

    00:00 🧠 GPT-5 to have expanded capabilities beyond initial expectations, signaling potential for significant advancements in AI.
    01:09 📉 Altman suggests downplaying GPT-4's capabilities, hinting at advancements in GPT-5 and possibly a 4.5 release to manage industry shock and regulatory scrutiny.
    03:19 🤖 OpenAI's memory update for Chat GPT indicates a shift towards more personalized AI systems, aiming for enhanced user engagement and utility.
    05:14 🌐 GPT-5 anticipated to significantly surpass previous models in intelligence and capability, emphasizing the importance of generalized intelligence in AI development.
    08:02 💼 Altman addresses military use of AI models, highlighting the need for clear guidelines while acknowledging legitimate uses in non-lethal applications.
    09:53 🔄 Emphasis on iterative deployment and societal co-evolution with AI technology to manage societal adaptation and mitigate potential negative impacts.
    10:21 📈 Gradual rollout of AI advancements expected to prevent societal shock and facilitate smoother adoption and adaptation processes.
    13:10 📊 OpenAI emphasizes the need for evolving societal norms and regulations to align with the pace of AI development, highlighting the complex relationship between technology and society.
    15:30 💰 Clarification on fundraising efforts for AI chip development under OpenAI, emphasizing its strategic importance within the organization rather than a personal endeavor.
    16:11 🖥️ Ongoing development of specialized AI hardware could significantly accelerate model training, potentially reducing training times from months to hours.
    18:02 🤖 Speculation arises regarding Sam Altman's shifting rhetoric on AGI, with observations suggesting a possible downplaying of AGI's transformative potential, raising questions about OpenAI's strategic messaging.
    19:55 🔍 Analysts and commentators debate the impact of AGI, questioning Altman's recent statements regarding its potential to change the world, considering factors like PR strategy and evolving understanding of AI's societal impact.

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  5. They nerfed it for the general public what they aren't telling you is what you need to be thinking about is what they are not saying that is more important, Fo you really think that DARPA NASA CIA FBI is going to put the breaks on anything developed for their organizations including the military? No what is done in backrooms quietly is now common place with a full media blackout. There has always been separate rules and laws for US the Common and the Poor and The Wealthy The Globalist Billionaires.

  6. Are they updating the old systems with the same safety and security features? I think so, but maybe open source the safety net so everyone can try to develop with safety in mind? I haven't checked to see if someone has already thought of this, fyi but hope there is a better solution available.

  7. I disagree. I don't need time to adapt. I am sure everyone won't freak out unless they are señor citizens. LOL.😂 We are already moving fast, and most people are astounded.

  8. Allowing the military to use GPT was a major mistake… as it raises significant ethical and security concerns. This decision underscore the need for careful consideration and regulation of the use of advanced AI technologies in military context.

  9. 🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

    00:00 🎙️ Sam Altman's interview highlights
    – Altman discusses GPT's success and hints at GPT-5's capabilities.
    03:19 🧠 GPT's Memory Update
    – OpenAI adds memory for personalization, aiming for engaging AI systems.
    05:14 📈 GPT Evolution and Generalized Intelligence
    – GPT models like GPT-5 advance with a focus on generalized intelligence.
    08:02 ⚖️ Military Use of OpenAI Models
    – Altman addresses AI in the military, stressing clear guidelines and societal alignment.
    12:41 💡 Co-Evolution of Technology and Society
    – Altman emphasizes iterative deployment for balancing tech and societal changes.
    15:30 🌍 Misrepresentation of Sam Altman's Role
    – Clarifies misconceptions about his involvement in chip fundraising.
    16:26 💡 Advancements in AI-Specific Chips
    – Discusses AI chip limitations and potential breakthroughs for faster training.
    18:02 🤖 Sam Altman's Perspectives on AGI
    – Analyzes Altman's changing views on AGI's impact.
    19:55 🗣️ Community Reactions to Sam Altman's Statements
    – Explores reactions to Altman's statements on AI's transformative potential.

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  11. I think one HUGE possibility most people aren't yet considering is that ChatGPT "5" might be able to engulf, highly correlate, "understand", and abstract science, engineering, and technical literature, including diagrams, 2-D and 3-D object models, scenes, and much more. With that capability, OpenAI (and possibly Microsoft and other affiliates) might already be designing next-generation components, instruments, and products across the board of all science, engineering, and technology disciplines. If this capability is in fact part of ChatGPT 5's repertoire, OpenAI and affiliates could very well leapfrog Apple and just about any other science and technology company in terms of apparatus and product design. In fact, OpenAI could just roll designs off of the ChatGPT 5 press, sell the different IPs to the highest bidders, reach many tens of trillions in revenue, while only releasing a scaled-back, less capable ChatGPT "4.5" publicly, and only releasing GPT 5 after their pot is many times overflowing.

  12. I am a gpt-4 user and I can say that after BING come into the picture the results are way worst. Also, the software is now extremely slow, from about some months ago…

  13. I feel like AI is so amazing that the government is going to take it away from us. I've never been able to just of ideas and the code appears before. It's the most amazing thing I've seen in my life.


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