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Sam Altman’s Brain Chips: Explore Rain Neuromorphic Chips Funded by UAE and US National Security

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Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama, a lifelong enthusiast of Artificial Intelligence, has been exploring technology and the digital realm since childhood. Known for his creative thinking, he's dedicated to improving AI experiences for all, making him a respected figure in the field. His passion, curiosity, and creativity drive advancements in the AI world.


  1. US sanctions export of technology not china. U can buy hwawei equipments and licensed their tech. Will not benefits the world due to ideological fight.

  2. One can see how the islamification of the West is in line with the investments made by the Middle Eastern Sovereign investment funds. Banks, Tech, Ports, Airports, Shipping and of Course Weapons. Most people have no idea that human labour is no longer a currency and that "Population" is a net loss to the world economy. Lucky I am a gardener – the rich love beauty and gardens are one of those things that the rich spend a great deal of money. Capability Brown for example – from the Palaces in Brunei too the Castles and stately homes of England.

  3. USA recognise Taiwan as Chinese,so get your facts right!!!Also the UN recognise Taiwan as a part of china….when your brainwashed and you don't know it, you get to make silly comments!

  4. "And the beast was given a mouth uttering haughty and blasphemous words, and it was allowed to exercise authority for 42 months."
    Interesting that Musk also just recently made a reference to that 42 "universal answer" in his Grok AI, and his AI has no filter of speech and can freely mock, curse, and make fun of anything…
    Also I'm quite convinced that naughty, sexually charged aggressive speech, that was restrained from LLMs so far , when combined with NLP (neuro linguistic programming) knowledge is a vital key to break into our collective subconsciousness as mankind and unleash the sexual adulterous "city" namely Babylon the Great Whore, the dwelling place of ALL unclean spirits that was built in the collective subconscious mind by dark principalities since ancient times…
    On this note I may remind you that, at least according to Aleiser Crowly, sex magic is the most ancient and most powerful form of magic, and the moment a chip with brain interface, especially one that mimics the neural structure of the brain, will be loaded with sexual activity information directly from a human brain, it will "learn" the principalities / governing natural "forces" behind everything sexual in no time. And according to Sigmund Freud this is what governs most of our subconscious mind…

  5. I believe that the temple that Jesús spoke of is the body of humans.
    Revelation 13:15
    The mark is a more complex and a more suffisticated technology. Its real purpose is to remotely connect the mind and brain to interface IN a BRAINCLOUD. The problem is that it will be hacked and centralized and controlled by the antichrist ruled world government 🧠 🛜
    You are the temple of the SPIRIT of God and he DWELLS in YOU.
    But those who receive the mark will become abomination DESOLATE of the SPIRIT of the RIGHTEOUS GOD.
    The spirit of antichrist will then sit in Gods temple (your mind) and proclaim himself your god. Don't be decieved people this already exists. Research,
    Just to mention one company. They are already in trials with human patients and can enter this technology through the blood vessel.

    The founders are
    Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos

  6. I think treating this as oil is a mistake. AI has been created by the global community, and the roots of the LLM/transformer movement are in language translation. Closing off to develop your own solutions in the corner is a recipe to be left behind.

  7. China must have no access to this technology. This will eventually lead to a digital global North Korea. Just think about their social credit score system. Do you think, for a second, they would hesitate imposing it on the world (but much worse), if they could? Also ask an Uyghur – how are you doing lately?

  8. Wow, the complexity of what's going on is insane to me. So many players, thanks for keeping us up to date with all of the information. You're videos are always fascinating.

  9. Brazil here, I'm concerned with all this politics envolved in AI, I do not trust a Country who has triggered many wars to fund itself and make money out of it like USA, but if the A game comes from it's ground, will not be necessary to make war I guess. If like the movie "Arrival" we need the world to be together to finally achieve Super Inteligence, that will be a problem. If we were mature enough to look ahead and see how much could everyone benefit from these developments and leave this power-driven-ego society behind, we would have achieve Super Inteligence already.

  10. sam is a genius, he took no shares in the company so he isnt going to have conflicts of interest and can be at the forefront of AGI and know exactly how to make money around it.

  11. Im from America, Im taking a marketing analytics course right now. I’ve never been into computers and just heard about chatgpt about 2 months ago. This AI thing is crazy efficient, I spent 3 hours today learning about anaconda, bit builder, and that self learning computer code you went through a couple videos ago. I had to learn about the terminal and finally found the script I needed in the files to run the program. Now I’m building the place that holds my self operating computer. I’m excited to see what I can do with it, thanks for the videos keeping me excited!

  12. What is elon musk interest in this? This is the answer to eternal existence, screw going to church for eternity even though that sounds like a hoot.

  13. I just subscribed. I think we're at the edge of a very dangerous times where, not a country but corporations will yield more power than societies. I do not want to sound like those fake prophets of a doomsday or scare people, but we, as societies in a globalized world, need to reflect where it's going to be heading. I'd suggest we start with the focus on what could go wrong. As Henry Kissinger once mentioned "whenever avoidance of war has been the primary objective of a group of powers, the international system has been at the mercy of its most ruthless member". Something to reflect about. Greetings from the Poland, EU.

  14. Indeed, your channel is very global. I'm from Brazil, and there's a LOT of discussions here own privatizing data somehow. Like making it an asset for you to take ownership and stop big companies to train on your data without you making a buck. There's a law project here that wants to implement that even as a additional form of income for people.

  15. Wes. A few weeks ago you posted a video and started that there was some territory concerning news. you were going to make a separate video to discuss it and said it may be scary or triggering. Did I miss that upload? Or is it still a wip?

  16. Is this the technological singularity already? I'm sure they're using AI to design these chips. AI designing AI designing AI…. kaboom, the match has been lit.

  17. United Oil Emirates doesn't need their hands on any new technology. They live in the stone ages with stone aged gods and beliefs, they can stay there.

  18. What I think:
    1. When it comes to China and Taiwan – Taiwan is part of China s much as China is part of Taiwan. TLDR on history, after last emperror fall in China, rule was siezed by democratic goverment. But it struggled. It took help form, by then, communist Russia. Commies grew in power and take over the rule, while democrats fled onto Taiwan. At First US, biggest player in world, was with Democratic goverment on Taiwan, but it realizes that making buissness with communistic Mainland China is benefitial. So it accepted it. Now we have this Taiwan Crisis.

    2. Actual neurons on chips? Well.. brains need to sleep. how that would work on bain-cells-infused chips.. will chip have to sleep to?

  19. No, I don't think the math is right. 100x more processing power and 10,000x more energy efficient. So it'd use 1/10000th the energy, but if each unit managed to cost the same as a conventional chip, it'd still be $200K instead of $20M. Not bad though.


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