Unveiled at the SingleStore Now conference, the product innovations include advanced vector indexes, services to help users deploy specialized compute resources, and partnerships with Google, AWS, OpenAI and others.

SingleStore, the world’s only database that empowers users to transact, analyze and contextualize data in real time, announced significant product innovations that unlock the frontier of real-time AI.

With generative AI poised to unlock new business models, transform industries and boost economic productivity, organizations will need to respond to requests in real time, therefore needing a data plane that can understand, analyze and contextualize data within milliseconds.

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The product innovations, which were announced at SingleStore Now: The Real-Time AI Conference in San Francisco, do just this and fall into three main categories: Faster and better search, including vectors; a layer of intelligence on top of real-time data; and exciting partnerships and integrations into the wider ecosystem.

“These products were innovated with one thing in mind: making the vision of real-time AI a reality for customers with huge amounts of data,” said Raj Verma, SingleStore CEO. “We’re incredibly excited that these products are taking giant strides in the right direction and that SingleStore remains the sole contextual database in the market to elevate data to information through context – a key to unlocking the power of real-time AI.”

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New product innovations announced include:

  • SingleStore Scope, a state-of-the-art hybrid search that combines fast vector search and fulltext search, complete with support for multiple indexing techniques to enable Approximate Nearest Neighbor (ANN) search and orders of magnitude faster performance compared to exact search methods with near-equivalent accuracy.
  • SingleStore Aura, which empowers developers to deploy specialized compute resources (CPUs and GPUs) for AI, ML or ETL workloads right next to where the data resides in their database.
  • SingleStore Notebooks, web-based Jupyter notebooks that allow developers to create, explore, visualize and collaborate on data analysis and workflows using SQL or Python code. The new product will also allow users to publish data products and APIs directly from Notebooks.
  • SingleStore Elegance, an SDK that developers can download and use to build full-stack, real-time AI applications that are pre-configured to work with SingleStore.
  • Expanding collaboration with Google, AWS, Unstructured and IBM, among others.

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