The Jobs at Highest Risk of Being Replaced by AI

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AI and Job Automation

The potential of artificial intelligence (AI) systems to take over people’s jobs is one of the most common fears surrounding the technology. It’s partly why many people hesitate to try tools like text and image generators, and why there’s such a strong demand for stronger AI regulation.

These concerns aren’t entirely off-base. The UK’s Department of Education recently published a study that found that 10-30% of occupations can be automated by AI, with most of these being white-collar jobs.

Occupations most exposed to AI and LLMs

  1. Management consultants and business analysts – Telephone salespersons
  2. Financial managers and directors – Solicitors
  3. Accountants – Psychologists
  4. Psychologists – Further education teaching professionals
  5. Purchasing managers – Market and street traders and assistants
  6. Actuaries, economics, and statisticians – Legal professionals
  7. Business and financial project managers – Credit controllers
  8. Finance and investment analysts and advisers – Human resources admins
  9. Legal professionals – Public relations
  10. Business and related associate professionals – Management consultants and business analysts

The study also looked at the jobs most likely to be exposed to AI in general, including tools beyond AI chatbots, like AI-assisted diagnostic tools in healthcare and algorithmic trading in finance, for example. The top five jobs most exposed to AI in general include management consultants and business analysts, financial managers, accountants, and psychologists.

“The occupations most exposed to AI include more professional occupations, particularly those associated with more clerical work and across finance, law, and business management roles,” according to the research study.

Healthcare is a perfect example of how AI can enhance the work of professionals rather than replace them. AI can help diagnose tumors with complex imaging in less time than a human, but a human doctor must make final decisions and differential diagnoses, and they’ll need to process all the patient’s information after considering medical observations.

Occupations least exposed to AI

  1. Sports players
  2. Roofers
  3. Construction workers
  4. Plasterers
  5. Steel erectors

How can workers avoid being replaced by AI?

AI tools, such as ChatGPT, Copilot, and Bard, can create article outlines and summarize large documents in seconds.


Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama
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