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Tommy Hilfiger Unveils ‘FashionVerse’: A Stylish Leap Into The World Of AI Fashion Games

Gamers with a sartorial eye are in for a sweet surprise as Tommy Hilfiger, under his Hilfiger Ventures with Joe Lamastra, is soon launching an interactive mobile fashion game. Titled FashionVerse, this cutting-edge game has been designed for millennial and older Gen Z fashion enthusiasts and is set to hit iOS and Android devices in 2024.

In a seamless blend of fashion and gaming, FashionVerse will use artificial intelligence (AI) to take the lead, allowing players to craft photorealistic avatars, bespoke backdrops, and stylish props in a vibrant, community-driven environment.

So far, so cool, right? Well, stay tuned as we unravel more details about this new AI game.

What to expect from the Tommy Hilfiger AI fashion game

Picture Credits: Instagram/Tommy Hilfiger

The game, a brainchild of Hilfiger himself, has come to life through a dynamic partnership with gaming experts at Tilting Point and the creative minds at BrandBible.

FashionVerse is not just another game; it’s a fashion extravaganza that lets players style life-like avatars with three-dimensional outfits. Engage in friendly competition, participate in styling challenges and unlock rewards to enhance your virtual wardrobe.

The game also boasts various exciting modes. Stylist mode beckons users to curate impeccable fashion sets, while Trendsetter mode challenges players to showcase their creativity through mood boards. Sharing your creations within the game adds a social dimension, allowing you to vote on fellow stylists’ scenes, comment on your favourite looks, and unlock advanced styles.

Tommy Hilfiger, an iconic figure in the fashion world, expressed his enthusiasm for this project, stating, “It’s been a life goal of mine to make fashion more accessible. Given how many people engage with fashion through their phones, I thought, there has to be a way to bring everyone together into one community, providing a more immersive experience.”

When and where is ‘FashionVerse’ releasing?

Picture Credits: Pexels

FashionVerse is set to make its global debut on January 16. Accessible on iOS and Android devices, it will also be available through Netflix, reaching over 247 million members. 

Interestingly, the game has already seen early success during testing in Southeast Asia, Germany and Italy, outperforming the likes of Roblox and securing a spot in the top 10, according to a report by Vogue. With a median player age of 30 and an average daily engagement of 23 minutes, FashionVerse promises to captivate the fashion-forward gaming community.

(Header and feature image credits: Pexels)

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