Top Robot Vacuums for Pet Hair in 2024: Tried and Reviewed

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Roomba j7+ features: P.O.O.P – pet accident avoidance guarantee | PrecisionVision Navigation | 3-stage cleaning system | Clean Base automatic dirt disposal

My favorite robot vacuum on the market right now is the Roomba j7+. There are a lot of robot vacuums that come in and out of my home for testing, but this one vacuum has a permanent spot in my kitchen. 

Part of why it’s so loved within my household is because it can handle all of the pet hair on my floor, whether it’s been just a day or several days since it last ran. How? Because the robot self-empties as soon as the dust bin is full instead of waiting until the end of the job, like other robot vacuums. If it is peak shedding season, it’s very common for the j7+ to empty four or five times during a single job, never leaving any pet hair behind.

On top of that, it’s simply an intelligent robot. The j7+ comes with the P.O.O.P guarantee, an innovative promise from the manufacturer that the robot vacuum will avoid pet waste instead of creating accidental smearing, or they will replace your robot at no additional cost. This means the robot vacuum is also good at avoiding pet toys, shoes, cords, and other household objects. It’s truly one of the very best robot vacuums available and does a tremendous job keeping up with my furry friends. Plus, when you pair it with the Braava Jet m6, your floors will be beautifully vacuumed and mopped (chef’s kiss).

Review: Roomba j7+: A life-changing robot vacuum


Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama
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