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Valve Adds AI Disclosure Section To Content Survey For Steam Developers

Valve shared a blog entry that highlights changes to the submission survey that developers will need to fill out moving forward. In a blog post, the company shared that these changes were made after an extensive period of learning and consultation. Over the past months, Valve has done its best to understand how developers are using AI technology while considering its global implications. This exploration underscores their dedication to facilitating the broad release of AI-integrated games on Steam, balancing innovation with responsible oversight.

Central to these updates is the revised Content Survey for developers. This survey now incorporates a crucial AI disclosure section, demanding a detailed account of AI utilization in both the development and execution phases of games. Valve categorizes AI usage into two distinct segments:

  • Pre-Generated: Any kind of content (art/code/sound/etc) created with the help of AI tools during development. Under the Steam Distribution Agreement, you promise Valve that your game will not include illegal or infringing content, and that your game will be consistent with your marketing materials. In our pre-release review, we will evaluate the output of AI generated content in your game the same way we evaluate all non-AI content – including a check that your game meets those promises.
  • Live-Generated: Any kind of content created with the help of AI tools while the game is running. In addition to following the same rules as Pre-Generated AI content, this comes with an additional requirement: in the Content Survey, you’ll need to tell us what kind of guardrails you’re putting on your AI to ensure it’s not generating illegal content.

Further, Valve is adopting a cautious stance towards Adult Only Sexual Content generated by Live-Generated AI, choosing to address these cases as they are reported. This decision reflects the complexities surrounding AI-generated content, balancing innovation with ethical considerations.

Valve’s journey in this space is ongoing. They acknowledge the challenges faced by developers during this period of policy formulation and express a commitment to continuous learning. As the AI and legal landscape evolves, Valve will reassess and update its policies, ensuring that Steam remains a platform that both fosters innovation and respects legal and ethical boundaries.

We’ll be sure to follow the story as it develops.

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Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama
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