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Valve’s new guidelines mandates AI Transparency for Steam games

Valve has unveiled new regulations governing the publication of AI-infused games on its ‘Steam’ platform. The company, in a recent blog post, outlined the changes aimed at bolstering transparency and safeguarding users against potential risks associated with AI-generated content.

Developers are now required to disclose whether their games use AI, specifically pinpointing instances where pre-generated content, such as art, code, or sound, is created with AI assistance.

The disclosure extends to live AI-generated content during gameplay, prompting developers to detail safety measures preventing the creation of illegal or infringing material. Valve’s move is a response to complaints from developers who faced rejections due to AI-generated assets allegedly relying on copyrighted material. The company emphasized its commitment to not impede AI integration but rather to align its review policies with evolving copyright laws.

To enhance user awareness, Steam store pages will now indicate if a game contains AI, allowing consumers to make informed choices. Additionally, users can report any encounters with illegal AI-generated content within the game.

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While some developers champion AI for its utility in testing, concepting, and cost-efficient game development, concerns persist within the industry about its potential to replace human creatives. Valve’s blog post implies an adaptive approach, acknowledging the evolving landscape of AI technology and legal frameworks, signaling a commitment to revisiting these rules as needed.

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Leah Sirama
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