Co-oh 2024: Apple Silicon and <a href='' title='Discover the Ultimate Guide for Mastering Google Gemini AI in 2024' >AI</a> Lawsuits

Co-oh 2024: Wow, We Made It!

That was close! Apple has confirmed that they are diving into hoop dreams, although by “hoop” they mean gaming platform, not just NBA games. In a recent interview with Inverse, Apple representatives explained that Apple silicon has changed the game for the company.

Apple’s Impressive Chips

With every M1, M2, or M3 powered Mac being able to play AAA games fantastically, Apple’s own impressive chips power iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Porting games to work on all these platforms is simple and effective, as demonstrated by the successful launch of Resident Evil 4 on Mac and then on iPhone.

Mac: A Gaming Platform

Apple is getting serious about making the Mac platform more friendly to gamers. Improved performance and support for more titles are on the rise. From award-winning RPGs like Baldur’s Gate 3 to indie hits like Lies of P, Apple gaming is only getting better.

OpenAI Lawsuit: The Battle for Copyright

OpenAI was sued by the New York Times last week for copyright infringement related to its chatbot, GPT. This lawsuit highlights a major dispute in the AI community regarding the use of copyrighted content to train AI models.

The Virtual Influencer Trend

Marketing agencies are creating virtual influencers using AI image generators to reduce costs and increase engagement. This trend is becoming more prominent in social media campaigns, especially in regions like South Korea.

Quick Bits

– Vio TV settles a class-action lawsuit over false advertising claims regarding refresh rates.

Google plans to deprecate Maps’ driving mode, adding to its long list of deprecated features.

– Michigan State University develops a living building material that can self-heal and clean pollution.

– Some classic characters, including Mickey Mouse, enter the public domain, sparking creativity in new projects.

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  1. if they port all the games over to mac or linux im in. Those have usally the top games mostly.
    For now windows. With issue's. Gotta replace most the programs with third party programs. Then your set.

  2. Apple really could just treat there M chips like a console, there’s incredibly less variables then pc parts. Just have developers make all the games have presets you can’t change and an fps cap or a 60 or 120hz modes like other console games

  3. My 30-core M3 Max has been pretty amazing at gaming on the go, given the 60-70 W power target, overall efficiency and noise. Runs The Witcher 3 maxed out at 3024×1964 @ 30-35 FPS through multiple translation layers. There's a vid of it on my channel. I've also played Kingdom Come Deliverance maxed out, Cyberpunk 2077 (no RT), The Sims 4, Crash Bandicoot, Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3, Hogwarts Legacy, Mass Effect Andromeda, Mafia Definitive Edition, GTA V etc.

  4. Nope i dont trust Apple anymore with their gaming propaganda. Its either you need some special software to play games or they gonna port it to their platform with a high price tag. Nope apple im done.

  5. I was curious about trying Elden Ring on the new m3 line of macs. I launched the game and it was a solid 30 fps (was impressive enough to me that it even runs). It then occurred to me I wasn't even in the focused window. After clicking into the game, I was easily getting 60+ fps in a graphically intensive area– all with the fans barely kicking in.
    Apple has a lot more work to do but I'm super impressed with it right now

  6. Didn't it turn out that the New York Times completely faked their GPT results? That GPT does not and cannot replicate an article behind a pay wall? Wes Roth had a good video on it.

  7. 4:12 I don't like how people think this crap is attractive to them. Also, the morality of using sexiness to campaign in the influencer department is fundamentally wrong, can we make laws to insure that influencers are legit in their claims and appropriate clothes are mandatory when online? I feel like it's about time to put official restrictions for them now that influencers basically run the world at this point. Take trump and putin for exa… O-k! I'm done talking.

  8. "Disdain for the ineffable qualities of the human soul" is one of the best lines I've ever heard in a YouTube video. This episode was the chef's kiss.

  9. apple wont go any deeper with gaming, they wanna turn this sector into some money grabbing subscription hole. Nobody's buying a mac for it (especially when you cant change the parts)

  10. If you don't need it for specific hardware apple computers work okay and are fine for thousands of dollars.

    Spending thousands I can get one to perfectly reasonably watch youtube videos and check social media like 90% of the people who buy Apple computers.


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