Welcome, my friends, to a new video where we will be yasifying some characters based on the OC’s shared by our patrons. This time, we have some interesting and diverse characters to work with, so let’s dive right in and see what transformations we can make.

Our first character, Lila, is an assassin who is socially awkward, just like me. We start by laying down the foundational shapes and sketching out the character. Once we have the sketch down, we add colors and start rendering the character. With her sheer top and red war paint, Lila starts to take shape as a formidable assassin with a touch of vulnerability.

Next up, we have a character with no name but striking eyes. She exudes happiness and warmth, so we decide to give her a bright and cheerful color palette. Her big curly hair and light brown eyes are the focus of this transformation, as we add shadows, highlights, and details to bring her to life. With her shiny jewelry and radiant smile, this character truly captures the essence of joy.

Finally, we have Ran, the villain with a cocky and mischievous look. His asymmetrical hairstyle and red t-shirt make him stand out as a character you wouldn’t want to mess with. We add shadows, rim lighting, and details to enhance his evil demeanor. With some added purple light effects, Ran transforms into a truly menacing figure ready to cause trouble.

Throughout the yasification process, we focus on bringing out the unique characteristics of each character, whether it’s Lila’s social awkwardness, the unnamed character’s joyful spirit, or Ran’s villainous aura. By adding colors, shadows, highlights, and details, we aim to capture the essence of each character and give them a fresh new look.

As we wrap up the video, we hope you enjoyed watching the transformations and seeing how these characters evolved through the yasification process. Let us know in the comments which transformation was your favorite and stay tuned for more content like this in the future.

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Thank you for joining us in this creative journey, and we’ll see you in the next video. Stay tuned for more yasification adventures and character transformations. Until next time, my friends, keep creating and exploring the world of art. Yasify away!


  1. "I know my audience"
    At first, I denied that. But then I realized I was being delulu bc I'm gay as fuck and my eyes keep trailing back down to the boobas subconsciously pls send help

  2. I would totally pay for a samdoesarts procreate techniques video course. Or even an uncut drawing process so we can understand his strategies with layers, color management, etc. Best art teacher ever for my adhd art baby brain

  3. That "villain guy" is definitely my fave too! That purple lighting on Ran's face is so creative and looks so badass. Of course the assassin and happi girl also are masterpieces, but Ran's definitely my fave of this video


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