Yelp brings in an array of new features, such as AI-generated reviews for businesses

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Yelp is a great tool for discovering new businesses and seeing what people’s hands-on experiences are. Soon, you’ll have access to AI-generated insights into those businesses, too.

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On Tuesday, Yelp unveiled a series of new updates to its platform, with the biggest highlight being AI-powered business summaries, allowing users to get a quick, one-sentence recap of the business based on user reviews.

The AI-powered business summaries will leverage LLMs that parse through recent reviews to generate a brief description of what you can expect from a business with insights such as atmosphere, service, amenities, or a popular dish, according to the release.

For example, an AI-generated summary for a diner could read, “Retro diner well known for its classic cheeseburgers and affordable prices.”



Yelp’s AI-generated summaries are already available on iOS and will roll out to Android and desktop users later this year.

Business owners will also be able to take advantage of AI for their business management through access to Yelp’s AI- and data-driven insights that include smarter ad budget recommendations.

“With recent advancements in AI, you can expect to see us further leverage LLMs to ease the discovery experience, facilitate more seamless connections with service providers, and help local businesses succeed,” said Craig Saldanha, Yelp CPO, in the release.

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The company also unveiled other non-AI-related updates, including a revamped discovery experience that spotlights high-quality visual content, an enhanced review experience that spotlights regular review contributors, a more streamlined Request a Quote experience, and more.


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