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YouTube Adapts Its Policies For the Coming Surge of AI Videos – Slashdot

Sarah Perez reports via TechCrunch: YouTube today announced how it will approach handling AI-created content on its platform with a range of new policies surrounding responsible disclosure as well as new tools for requesting the removal of deepfakes, among other things. The company says that, although it already has policies that prohibit manipulated media, AI necessitated the creation of new policies because of its potential to mislead viewers if they don’t know the video has been “altered or synthetically created.” One of the changes that will roll out involves the creation of new disclosure requirements for YouTube creators. Now, they’ll have to disclose when they’ve created altered or synthetic content that appears realistic, including videos made with AI tools. For instance, this disclosure would be used if a creator uploads a video that appears to depict a real-world event that never happened, or shows someone saying something they never said or doing something they never did.

It’s worth pointing out that this disclosure is limited to content that “appears realistic,” and is not a blanket disclosure requirement on all synthetic video made via AI. “We want viewers to have context when they’re viewing realistic content, including when AI tools or other synthetic alterations have been used to generate it,” YouTube spokesperson Jack Malon told TechCrunch. “This is especially important when content discusses sensitive topics, like elections or ongoing conflicts,” he noted. […] The company also warns that creators who don’t properly disclose their use of AI consistently will be subject to “content removal, suspension from the YouTube Partner Program, or other penalties.” YouTube says it will work with creators to make sure they understand the requirements before they go live. But it notes that some AI content, even if labeled, may be removed if it’s used to show “realistic violence” if the goal is to shock or disgust viewers. […]

Other changes include the ability for any YouTube user to request the removal of AI-generated or other synthetic or altered content that simulates an identifiable individual — aka a deepfake — including their face or voice. But, the company clarifies that not all flagged content will be removed, making room for parody or satire. It also says that it will consider whether or not the person requesting the removal can be uniquely identified or whether the video features a public official or other well-known individual, in which case “there may be a higher bar,” YouTube says. Alongside the deepfake request removal tool, the company is introducing a new ability that will allow music partners to request the removal of AI-generated music that mimics an artist’s singing or rapping voice.

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