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So, this was a huge week for AI news

Let’s catch up on some of the big things that were happening. There’s a lot of rumors about the next big model coming from OpenAI. Somebody dropped a screenshot of GPT 4.5 which was very suspicious, but don’t worry, Sam Alman’s on the case. He’s going to clarify the situation for us.

OpenAI Developments

Somebody asked them, “GPT 4.5 leak legit or no?” Semi-ultimate answers: “Nah,” which again left people a little bit confused. Does that mean the image is fake or the news about the new model is fake? Either way, we’ll know soon enough.

Google DeepMind dropped a paper titled “Mathematical Discoveries from Program Search with Large Language Models” where they introduced FundSearch, which stands for searching in the function space. The big headline news here is that this is the first time anyone has shown that an LLM-based system can go beyond what was known by mathematicians and computer scientists. It’s not just novel; it’s more effective than anything else that exists today.

AI Systems with Agency

Just yesterday, OpenAI released a paper titled “Practices for Governing Agentic AI Systems.” They define agentic AI systems as those that have agency – their own goals and the ability to pursue those goals. These systems could be broadly useful if integrated responsibly into our society. The paper discusses the need to think about how to safely release these AI systems into the wild.

Challenges and Dangers

They break down agentic AI systems into several components, including goal complexity, environmental complexity, adaptability, and independent execution. The paper raises questions about the dangers and challenges of autonomous AI systems and highlights the need for responsible deployment.

Weak to Strong Generalization

OpenAI also released a paper titled “Weak to Strong Generalization” as part of their super alignment research. They propose a high-level plan for aligning AI models as they become more advanced, aiming to automate the alignment research process with scalable techniques like reinforcement learning and adversarial training.

World Models

Runway ML announced a long-term research effort on General World Models, where AI systems aim to generate consistent maps of the environment and build realistic models of human behavior. This research could lead to AI systems with a better understanding of the 3D world and human interactions.

Real-Time News with Chatbots

OpenAI is partnering with news outlets to provide real-time news updates through chatbots. Users can ask for real-time news updates and receive information pulled from news sources with attribution and links to full articles for transparency.

Advancements in AI Art and Image Generation

Mid Journey Alpha and Google DeepMind have released advanced art and image generation technologies, allowing for faster and more precise creations. These advancements showcase the potential of AI in creative fields, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with AI-generated content.

Exciting Developments Ahead

With more advancements on the horizon, it seems like we are on the cusp of some incredible breakthroughs in AI technology. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the coming months.

My name is Wes Rth. Thank you for reading!


  1. The speed of AI development is phenomenal. Even the PhDs are getting blown away with the advancements in the space. What's truly exciting is how these developments are not just academic exercises but are quickly finding real-world applications, transforming industries and daily life.

  2. RE: Image generated of the curly-haired woman
    When I examined it closely, for me the earrings were a little off. However, the details are very impressive! The stitching around the collar, even the flaw on it on her sternum, to the way you can see the material at the seams under the shirt. The hair colouring, detail of curls and flyaway hairs… WOW!

  3. 🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

    00:00 🌐 AI News Overview
    – Overview of recent AI news, including rumors about GPT 4.5 and Google Deep Mind's paper on mathematical discoveries.
    – OpenAI's continuous contribution to expanding scientific knowledge through AI.
    – Introduction to OpenAI's practices for governing agentic AI systems and the definition of agentic AI.
    01:23 🧠 Defining Agentic AI
    – OpenAI's definition of agentic AI systems and their capacity for adaptability in achieving complex goals.
    – Breakdown of components: goal complexity, environmental complexity, adaptability, and independent execution.
    – Discussion on potential dangers and questions surrounding the responsible integration of agentic AI into society.
    03:13 ⚔️ Shifting Offense-Defense Balance
    – Exploration of the impact of agentic AI on offense-defense dynamics, particularly in the cybersecurity domain.
    – Consideration of the potential consequences of AI-driven autonomous tasks in cyber attacks.
    – Uncertainty about the future balance and the need for close attention to emerging AI adoption dynamics.
    05:20 🧩 Weak to Strong Generalization
    – Discussion of OpenAI's paper on weak to strong generalization as part of the super alignment problem.
    – Approach to aligning superintelligent AI by training smaller models to supervise larger, more advanced models.
    – High-level plan involving reinforcement learning, human feedback, adversarial training, and large-scale compute.
    08:10 🌐 Runway ML's General World Models
    – Introduction to Runway ML's long-term research on General World models and the concept of AI building mental models.
    – Challenges in generating consistent maps of the environment and understanding the Dynamics of both the world and its inhabitants.
    – Current limitations of Runway ML's Gen 2 system and the goal to enhance its capabilities in generating realistic videos.
    10:55 📰 Real-Time News Integration
    – OpenAI's partnership with news outlets for real-time information retrieval by ChatGPT.
    – Potential shift in how people consume news, relying on AI chatbots for personalized, up-to-date information.
    – Transparency through attribution and links to full articles for news sourced by ChatGPT.
    11:24 🎨 Mid Journey Alpha and Google DeepMind's Image and 2
    – Introduction to Mid Journey Alpha for AI art generation with enhanced control and precision.
    – Google DeepMind's release of Image and 2, showcasing advanced text-to-image technology.
    – Implications for the future of AI-generated art and potential advancements in December.
    12:05 🌩️ Anticipating Future AI Developments
    – Speculation on upcoming significant AI developments and advancements in December.
    – A sense of anticipation for groundbreaking achievements in the AI field.
    – Closing remarks and gratitudefor watching.

    Made with HARPA AI

  4. Oh shit; global partnership with Axel Springer, the one with "Bild" (known in Germany as "BLÖD" and "Die Welt" ) both basically right-wing populist hate papers. The former for the stupid, the latter for the wannabe intellectuals. This is bad news.

  5. I’ve recently thought that they could use different AI agents to act as a combination of biased consciences to influence the decision making process. You could have an honesty bias, a friendly bias, a helpful bias, a bias that ensures that harmful information doesn’t get released, etc… Each AI Bias could be specifically trained to provide their stamp of approval on an output, before showing the final output to the user. If the proposed output doesn’t pass muster, the combinatorial biased consciences would ask the larger reinforcement learning AI model to provide a different output, and the AI model could be told that the previous output didn’t work, and to adjust for next time.

  6. Bro, thank you for your videos, but when did you promise that there would be videos on creating commercial assistants and after that not one video, just discussions, modern gossip, you will do lessons in which you create artificial intelligence in the form of an assistant and seal it in applications for phone, or website?

  7. I do love the comedy of AI researchers pretending an interest in safety. I think most people have some kind of biological pathogen as the first, most likely catastrophe. There are so many possibilities though, they'll make for great stories. The only real questions are as ever, when, where, to what degree, and if possible what motive, if any, or if any can be understood or conclusively shown to be the truth. I really should get more popcorn.

  8. The Runway ML visual learning is by far THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN AI right now. The amount of information in vision far outstrips any other modality by an order of magnitude. We are visual spacial creatures, arguably second only to being social creatures although it must be a close run thing – its why taking away those two things is the worst punishment we have i.e solitary confinement. I suspect this will help boost both reasoning and maths abilities although I suspect we can brute force those to super human level too just on text – itll just take longer is all.

  9. Combine Chat GPT with fake news machines like “Bild” and “Welt”, what an idea. Axel Springer press products are some of the worst in Germany. Is this what Ilja wanted to prevent? I hope I can opt out from those data sources.

  10. I don't think it's possible to create alignment, as moral values themselves are fluid and change over time alignment too most be a fluid process kind of like an application running in the background that is continuously updated

  11. We're starting to head in the direction where we might need to worry about the rights of fictional characters as the "internal model" of an AI about how people behave might eventually reach similar complexity as real human brains…


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