**I Wish I Could Prepare You for What You’re About to Hear, I Really Do**

In the fast-paced world of technology, news can come flying at you from all directions and sometimes, it can be overwhelming. The latest buzz in the tech world is all about Nvidia, the AI accelerator powerhouse that briefly hit a $2 trillion market cap. Joining the exclusive club of Apple and Microsoft, Nvidia’s rapid rise has caught the attention of many, but as Axios notes, this climb may not be sustainable in the long run.

Companies like Microsoft and Google, who heavily rely on Nvidia’s GPUs for their AI features, recently reported earnings that left investors disappointed. It’s a harsh reality that giving away free services like Bing may not always translate to financial success. Nvidia, however, remains unfazed by potential competitors like Huawei, AMD, Amazon, Microsoft, and Broadcom, as they continue to push the envelope with new developments.

In a move that shows Nvidia hasn’t forgotten its core gaming audience, the company launched a beta for the Nvidia app, aiming to streamline graphics settings and control panel features for their users. This new app promises a better user experience and a more cohesive platform for managing Nvidia hardware.

On the flip side, Google has recently paused its Gemini chatbot’s ability to generate images after widespread complaints about its reluctance to create images of white people. This hesitation extended to other ethnic groups as well, highlighting the challenges faced by AI models when it comes to representation and diversity.

In the world of social media, Reddit confirmed its plans to go public in a quirky manner, fitting with its brand image. The company filed for an IPO and announced a content licensing deal with Google, allowing direct access to Reddit’s API for a hefty sum. Reddit’s move to involve its top users, including moderators, in stock offerings adds a unique twist to the traditional IPO process.

In the realm of Apple news, some Vision Pro owners have reported hairline cracks on their headsets’ cover glass, prompting concerns about repair costs. On a brighter note, Apple has announced that iPhone 15 batteries will last twice as long as initially reported, a welcome development for iPhone users.

In a bizarre turn of events, Canada’s University of Waterloo is removing M&M branded vending machines from its campus due to concerns about facial recognition data collection. The vending machines, equipped with motion sensors that detect faces, raise privacy concerns among students and staff.

In space exploration news, Intuitive Machines successfully landed its Odus spacecraft near the moon’s South Pole, marking a significant milestone for private space exploration. The mission faced challenges due to malfunctioning laser rangefinders, but a software patch allowed the spacecraft to land safely.

And in a fun twist, Husqvarna will be adding support for the game Doom to its Nara line of robot lawnmowers, allowing users to mow down demons and dandelions simultaneously. This unlikely collaboration bridges the gap between classic gaming and modern outdoor maintenance, catering to a unique audience of tech-savvy enthusiasts.

As the tech world continues to evolve and surprise us with new developments, there’s no telling what the future holds. Stay tuned for more updates and insights in the ever-changing landscape of technology. And remember, in a world of high doses of tech news, it’s essential to stay informed and navigate through the noise with clarity and perspective.


  1. If slender man wants a stickers? It sells m&m’s not stickers or possibly snickers? I swear he said stickers shit threw me off fuck bro like bro someone end my misery

  2. It cannot be understated enough how big of an issue Googles AI shoving DEI down its users throats is. 90% of Google is WOKE. Everything they create is through that lens. Gemini didn't just refuse to show anything white it was actively going out of its way to refuse.
    Pay attention to your google search's and while not as heavy handed you will see your search results are similar.

  3. Why would engineers at m&m want to use a third party facial recognition software rather than, say, pressing a gotdang button to wake it? The only logical explanation here is dystopian

  4. If apple supported third party stores everywhere (for real, not the middle finger they gave to EU), I would consider going back to IOS.

  5. apple has a fault and makes their users pay by denying it's their design fault? Oh surely not. Definitely not like that has ever happened before…

  6. Nvidia could be worth 10 trillion within a few years EASY. NVIDIA went supernova and collapsed into a black hole . any year now we are going to get absorbed by the singularity. It truly will be the engine of the 21st century (or) the next coming of the Antichrist


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