Integrating AI with other systems presents a major challenge for 90% of IT leaders

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According to MuleSoft’s 2024 Connectivity Benchmark Report, over three-quarters of organizations are using multiple artificial intelligence (AI) models, and 90% are encountering difficulties integrating AI with other systems. This report, conducted by MuleSoft in collaboration with Vanson Bourne and Deloitte Digital, is based on interviews with 1,050 IT leaders from both public and private sector organizations with at least 1,000 employees.

Some key findings from the report include the challenges of integrating AI with other systems, with 99% of organizations reporting difficulties in this area. Data silos and systems fragility are also holding companies back, with 98% of IT leaders acknowledging challenges regarding digital transformation. Furthermore, the report notes that automation is creating contention between IT and the business, with 66% of automation projects being governed by IT. Additionally, while almost every company runs on APIs, few have turned them into a strategic lever.

The report also highlights the explosive adoption of AI, with 80% of organizations already using multiple AI models and an expected 78% increase in AI adoption within the next three years. However, barriers such as integration issues, security concerns, and ethical AI usage and adoption are impeding this adoption.

The report emphasizes the growing complexity of the tech landscape, with an average of 991 applications in use across the digital estate. It also acknowledges the need for a coherent IT strategy in the face of AI’s inflection point.

Furthermore, the report stresses the importance of integration plans and execution, especially as IT teams face an increasing number of expected projects each year. It also notes the rise of citizen developers and low-code/no-code solutions to address the growing backlog and innovation needs in IT departments.

Overall, the report presents a comprehensive overview of the challenges and opportunities that organizations are encountering in the face of AI adoption, digital transformation, automation, and the use of APIs. Despite the barriers and complexities, IT leaders continue to navigate these challenges to drive productivity and innovation within their organizations.


Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama
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