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inXile Entertainment’s Brian Fargo talks working as part of Xbox, Clockwork Revolution, and AI in game development

What you need to know

  • Brian Fargo is the studio head of inXile Entertainment, a role-playing game development team acquired by Microsoft in 2018. 
  • inXile Entertainment is currently working on its first game under Xbox Game Studios, a time-bending role-playing adventure called Clockwork Revolution. 
  • Speaking on The Fourth Curtain podcast, Fargo discussed how his job has changed under Microsoft, what Clockwork Revolution is, if AI will be part of game development, and more. 

Role-playing game developer inXile Entertainment is working on its next game, and we’ve got a bit more insight into how the studio is operating. 

That’s thanks to studio head Brian Fargo, who guested on The Fourth Curtain podcast to talk about his history in the gaming industry, how things have changed as part of Xbox under Microsoft, and more. Speaking on the many years of operating as an independent team, Fargo is quite clear that it was frequently financially stressful.

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Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama
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