Bad Bunny fumes at TikTok song that used AI technology to replicate his voice.

The Puerto Rican singer — whose real name is Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio — lashed out on Tuesday saying, “If you like that s***ty song that’s viral on TikTok, get of (sic) this group right now,’ he fumed in Spanish. “I don’t want them on the tour either.”

In a message in his WhatsApp channel, the singer known as “King of Latin Trap” further raged, “You do not deserve to be my friends.” 

According to El Pais, the song called NostalgIA (a play on words, as IA means AI in Spanish) has been seen more half a million times on TikTok and has nearly a million streams on Spotify.

The track was made by FlowGPT, a social media user who plays with AI to create unusual collaborations.

Bad Bunny’s actual new album Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Manana (Nobody Knows What Will Happen Tomorrow) features a song dedicated to his fans, MailOnline reports. It added that the 29-year-old rapper insists in the Spanish-language lyrics that he did not cut the album to rack up a “billion views,” but in order that “my real fans will be pleased.”

A report carried by the American technology news website, The Verge, dated Sept 21, 2023 said that AI tools have inspired a backlash among some artists, but others have proven more open to the technology
According to the report, musician Holly Herndon created Holly Plus, an AI-generated voice clone that other artists can use. TuneCore, a music distribution platform working with the artist Grimes to monitor the use of her AI-generated voice, as reported by Billboard, surveyed music artists about AI in music creation, and many responded positively to the technology. But CEO Andreea Gleeson said artists wanted more responsible AI and control over their art. 

“Generative AI that is transparent and very clear in what went into creating that AI art goes a long way, but we also need a process of control where artists have a say about how and who gets their likeness,” The Verge quoted Gleeson as saying.

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